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'Learning process' - learning by yourself to learning with a teacher? [Toefl]

Babayan 1 / -  
May 1, 2012   #1
I just started my TOEFL preparation. Please help me by checking this essay. I cannot judge myself.

Do you prefer learning by yourself to learning with a teacher?

Some people think that they don't need a teacher to learn something. Others think that they can't learn anything without a teacher. In my opinion

a good teacher is very important part of the learning process.

Firstly,sometimes during the learning process we face to some difficult points in the subject. Then we need someone to descripe this points for us, answer to our questions relatet with it. If we have a teacher with advanced knowledge about the subject we learn, it is very simple to ask him/her and get the answer quickly. If we don't have the teacher we are forced to find the explanation in books or internet. Sometimes it coud take hours to find the the answers there but sometimes we even couldn't do it.

In addition to the first point, we need teachers to guide us during the learning process. It is very important to learn everything in right direction. I mean, there is the step by step learning strategies in order to understand the material in a most effective way. Using this strategies we don't waste time what is so important. For example last year I was learning the Java programming language for using it in my graduation project. There is too much functions, classes and etc in this language so I even didn't know from where to start. Then I ask my programming languages professor Ms Katherine Synnott and she explained me which components of the language must be learnt firstly, which - secondly and etc. It was very helpfull for me and helped me to get the highest mark for my diploma project.

In conclusion, a good teacher is very important part of learning process and has very strong influence on it. In other words, he is the inalienable part of efficient learning process. He can describe the points you didn't understood, so there is no need to find answers and explanations elsewhere, and guide you to make your learning process more effective.
Bahrom_4474 4 / 10  
May 1, 2012   #2
Hi! I also begin to learn Toefl by myself so I can not correct your essay mistakes however I will do my best
... questions related with it.
Sometimes it could take
give more examples

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