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Listening carefully and dealing with people - crucial skills in interpersonal communication at work

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Sep 5, 2016   #1
The two tables present the most important skill of communication in job according to the people asked in two public surveys in 1997 and 2006. The skills are divided into two forms of communication which are external related to the client and internal related to the communication skills within company.

Overall, not only in 1997 but also in 2006, the most essential skill in external communication was dealing with people, while listening carefully to colleagues was the most main point in internal communication. The percentage of all skills increased from 1997 to 2006, except selling a product or service which decreased at the same time.

Most participants asked also believed that knowledge about products or services and caring for clients were two important things in communication outside company after dealing with people. Selling a product or service was the last skill which was considered as the essential in external relation.

In communication within company, analysing problems together with others and training people were the next essential skills after listening partners of job. The participants considered that making speeches or presentations was not so important skill than other skills.

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Sep 5, 2016   #2
Hi Ashela.
Let me give you suggestions.

The two tables present the most important

The statement states that it is unity, so you cannot say it consists of two tables.

Actually, I did not know where you located your overview. It looked that your overview included the body paragraph. I suggest you integrate paraphrasing the statement and the overview in the same paragraph.

Honestly, you have made the major mistake which can reduce your score. Based on a close look, I have not found detailed information about the table. I am personally surprised although the task response asks you to analyze the data, but you cannot avoid the percentage thought as the key information. Apart from that, you did not demonstrate comparisons between the skills, which can be found in the table. It can be also made based on the timeline. You are supposed to explain the key features in the body paragraph. As we can see band descriptor, if you wanna reach the score more than 5, you should present and adequately highlight key features or bullet point relevant with the data. Following that, you are far from the coherence and cohesion since you did not use referencing clearly and appropriately. On the one hand, if you still commit that, the examiners can think that you cannot display the information with integrating the percentages and another data. Please, you pay attention to these.

I strongly believe you can get up and struggle those matter. You should provide much time to review the examples of the writing task 1 and find its sense.

Keep Spirit, Miss.

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