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living in a foriegn country can not be better than your own.discuss

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Aug 9, 2011   #1
Hello every one ; here is an essay to be corrected . thanks

working abroad as a problem solution and opportunity

Numerous reasons stand behind the phenomenon of deserting one's country to live abroad, in a different culture and standards of living which are not easy to cope with. Several problems raised and make the drawbacks of immigration outweigh its advantages. The core aim of this essay is to show why many people living outside their countries long to return to thier nations and how living in one's country is much better than being a foriegner.

Even though there are other reasons, financial problems are the most important cause of immigration. Thousands of people think the solution for financial troubles they have is looking for a job in another country where they can find a well paid work which will enable them to gather money and come back to their states to live in luxury far from economical constraints. However, the realities they face when leaving their countries make them suffer more and sometimes regretting their choices.

The choice of living a broad is not most of the time a good choice, especialy when people can't adapt to the new norms and a different culture they have live in. Adopting a different culture is not impossible but not easy at the same time. The majority of immigrants find it hard to keep pace with the society's styles and mode of living in the host nations. They encounter, more or less, new religion, different ways of dressing, food and poeple's likes and dislikes to name a few. These things oblige many immigrants to think seriously to return home.

Home sweet home. This is a proverb that most immigrants say most of the time when asked why they come back home. At one's country, there are beloved people with whom they can share the same traditions, same language and even the same problems, far from being dread of misunderstanding. Facing problems in the original country is better than facing them in a foriegn one and living in one's country is much better than being a forienger.

Indeed, working abroad can be a solution to several problems particularly financial ones, people face in their countries. Yet, the difficulty of copping with different ways of living creats other problems. I believe that people should look for solutions to their financial troubles in their own countries.

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Aug 10, 2011   #2
Avoid using overgeneralized ideas, ilets examiners pennalize for this. Although the ideas and arguments are good enough but try to illustate the examples to support your views.
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Aug 10, 2011   #3
Special thanks i ll try once more.

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