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Living lonely between advantage and disadvantage

bastian20 10 / 16 2  
Apr 7, 2016   #1
In recent times, many people are making the decision to live alone.
What are the causes of this?
Does it have positive or negatives effects on society?

In this modern era, while ordinary people live together with their relatives or partners, fractional of them have a tendency to live alone. Business in the workplace and bad experience in the past become main reason why people prefer to live lonely. However, I personally argue that this phenomenon has two sides both positive and negative.

There are two principal factors which affect people to stay without life companion. The first reason is that they want to attain high position in the career. Those believe that living without family makes them to focus on their target. Besides, another cause why people take into account to survive lonely is that they experienced unpleasant moment when they lived with partners. Hence, they decide to spend their rest of live alone.

With regards to the effect of this condition both positive and negative sides the benefit is that those mobilise all of their time and resources to reach their dream. They do not have any responsible to feed the member of family. Therefore, they can accomplish their aim effectively. Yet, this situation also has detrimental impact. If numerous people live lonely without wife, the population of human will decrease significantly. As a result, it will lead to economic crisis due to lack of demand toward goods and services.

To sum up, it is evident that there are several causes of living without companion amidst some citizens, while it has also between advantage and disadvantage. In my point of view, people can determine which one the best choice for them, whatever lonely or establishing a family. However, I suggest to people to spend the rest of their life with someone he love.

akbarmappiare 31 / 469 275  
Apr 7, 2016   #2
Hi bastian.
I would give a few suggestions about your writing. Actually, your writing is a good job, but I believe you could improve this. You were not still deliberate to make mirror errors. I would try

become main reasonS
Your introduction could explain clearly, and readers could know your opinion about this circumstance. However, that was better on condition that you illustrated generally about a negative and positive aspect which you review in the body paragraph.

I know that you used multiple ideas to explain causes of this matter in the first body paragraph. Fortunately, you should review deeply clearly. This body paragraph should include the example to support and reinforce your opinion. The good essay has to explain clearly and the reader gets the information what you mean.

negative sides, the benefit
Turning to the second body paragraph, you still used the multiple ideas. I fully believe that you could acquire the high score if you come up with detailed explanation. I remember you again that you should give the example related your topic.

their life with someone he love.LOVELY PEOPLE

I hope this could improve your writing. Happy writing
justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Apr 7, 2016   #3
Hi Bastian, I believe you have thd idea on what to write and how to approach the prompt, however, the words that you used in the essay complicated things, as mentioned from previous reviews, in responding to a prompt, make sure that you are using words that are easy to read and more importantly, easy to understand.

This approach will not only earn a following from your readers but will also let you express yourself clearly and effectively.

Pretty much, what I'm saying is that, essays that you write, depicts your work and this means, if your work is good then you are a good writer.

I hope to see more k your writing articles here on EF and be very careful on choosing words that you include in your essay.

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