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to low- cost airlines, many people can travel abroad. Is it a positive or negative?

ThaoThanh 1 / -  
Nov 21, 2023   #1
The advent of low-cost airlines had significantly facilitated for many individuals. Despite acknowledging that potential environment challenge have associated with the development of society, I do believe that this trend had substantially benefited for individuals, societies, and global economics

Undoubtedly, the surge in across-border tourism have the potential to exacerbate environment issues. This is primarily due to relevance to airline tourism, which consumed the substantial amount of fossil fuels and released the significant volumes of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide into the atmosphere. The consequences included the rapid depletion of natural resources and the escalation of the air pollution levels, which posed threats on the balance of ecosystem.

Despite the valid environmental concerns, the benefits from arising international travelling are far-reaching and sustainable. At an individual level, those who explore various countries have the diverse way of life, custom and cultural. This impressive experience will broaden their horizon and foster cultural empathy and understanding, discover new opportunities for talent and job. From broader societal perspective, international tourism leads to fewer conflicts causing from cultural differences. Finally, the economic benefits derived from it cannot be overlooked. The expenditure from the tourists for services, including fights, accommodation, dinning, transportation, generating revenue for local economic.

In conclusion, despite several environmental disadvantages, accessibility of oversea travel should be embrace as positive development for individual growth, societal harmony, economic prosperity.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Nov 27, 2023   #2
You already indicated that low cost travel is a positive development in your writer's opinion paragraph. It was clearly stated with supporting information that was to be discussed in the next paragraphs. You came in strong with this discussion. Yet, it fell apart when you had to finally develop your opinion.

The reasons for opposing your personal opinion in the presentation was a bad move. It would have resulted in a low TA score because your opinion suddenly became unclear to the reader. Do you see it as a positive or negative development? This was not a comparison essay. It was a single opinion defense.

The result of this confusing discussion will be that the examiner will ignore the non-supporting paragraph, which will result in a lower than 250 word count, leading to a failing score for 2 reasons:

1. Unmet word count
2. Under developed supporting discussion

The essay will not get a passing score even though it had the potential to do so.

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