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In many cities more and more people are living alone. Is this a positive or negative trend?

congbeo95 1 / -  
Jun 14, 2021   #1

the extended family is not common anymore

In our modern world, more and more adults are choosing to have their own family instead of becoming a part of a joint family, which is happening not just in America and Europe but also in the other continents. In my personal view, I do believe this is a good sign of our society despite many others' skepticism about this phenomenon.

There are definitely some tempting facets of contributing yourself to an extended family, especially in many traditional Asian countries. Fencing for yourself is never easy, which usually leads young people to the decision of sharing their lives with their other relatives. Also, living under one roof and spending quality time together is the best way to bond emotionally and physically with each other. This can be easily seen in many close-knit families.

Nevertheless, having your own family can open the yuppies to a significantly independent lifestyle. Paying small expenses is the very first step in becoming better versions of themselves. For that, people become more aware of the true value of their income. Working with other people to solve every problem you encounter also helps to improve interpersonal skills. Nobody can live without society, however, learning to handle the problem by yourself and seeking help from others always give them more initiation, reactiveness, and a sense of responsibility in their lives.

Plus, the number of conflicts over generational beliefs can reduce considerably due to the similarity between those born during the same period of time. Sometimes, commotions can arise over either minor changes or great upheavals in ordinary lives because of the difference in intergenerational opinions. Parents, let alone grand and great grandparents, are always notorious for their obsolete perceptions, viewed from younger generations, about many mundane issues such as equality or spending habits.

Overall, while living in an extended family seems to be a good idea, but it does not really fit in the mainstream mindset of many people anymore. There are many shortcomings and difficulties, however, it is irrefutable that a nuclear family can function just as well as an extended one and even better than in a number of aspects.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jun 15, 2021   #2
The essay will not get a passing score due to an unrelated discussion presentation. The focus of the topic should be on people living alone. You are discussing people who choose to have their own family. a person with a family is not living alone. Your reference topic and discussion approach are unacceptable due to its irrelevance and lack of proper connection to the original topic.

This is another example of how a long essay is useless when the presentation is incorrect. You will fail because you did not provide the correct discussion presentation. It is unrelated to the topic. Once the TA score fails, there is no recovering from it to pass the test.

Since these are practice essays , ask for explanations if you are uncertain about the discussion approach. That is how you learn how to properly respond to the questions.
phucnguyen0409 2 / 2  
Jun 15, 2021   #3
There are some replacement needed: paraphrasing carefully about the question so you can have a better view and range of vocabs, and change In my personal view=> I am completely agree that

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