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Manufacturing steps - from raw material to ready for distribute frozen fish pies

syamsiahRahim 9 / 15 3  
Apr 27, 2017   #1
The diagram below gives information about the manufacture of frozen fish pies.

frozen fish pies production

The diagrams exhibit information about how to production a fish pie that is consist of several step starting from delivery the raw material and culminating in stored the product. Furthermore this product consist of some ingredients such us peas, fish, sauce and potato that are stored in microwaveable container.

At the beginning, Potatoes need one month to delivery before it is processed. In the first, potatoes is cleaned after that, potatoes are peel and entered in waste disposal, the next is it is sliced and then move for boiling, and then chill before put into store.

In the same time while the potatoes is processed, processing of salmon fish is happened also, firstly, it is given lemon juice and salt before it is steamed in the oven, after that the bone and skin is removed, the next step is the salmon is inspected and put in container which travels to mix with prepared peas, sauce and potatoes, after wards it is wrapped, this product then freeze and ready to distribute.

tnritika 4 / 6  
Apr 27, 2017   #2
I have read your writing and I think it is great according to the pictures.
However I still find some words that need to be fixed, mainly in form of passive sentences and the verb comes after singular or plural subject.

For the example :
Potatoes need one month to be delivered before they are processed.
I think that is all. Keep it up!

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