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[IELTS TASK 1 - MAP] - changes in Felix Stone

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Nov 1, 2023   #1
Hi! My IELTS test is coming up in 4 days and I badly need some markings. My aim is to get a 7.5 in writing, please give feeback and suggestions so I can get to this level.

changes in Felix Stone

The images represent the changes in Felix Stone in terms of urban planning between 1967 and 2001. At the first glance, the north side of Felix Stone experienced a slight level of urbanization while the southside saw vast adjustments during the period.

First of all, the north side of the Felix Stone, which was located above the highway, was mostly unoccupied in 1967. While the golf course and shopping area remained unchanged in the northwest, the vast farmland in the northeast was replaced by an entertainment complex which consists of a hotel, a swimming pool and two tennis courts.

In contrast, the southern area of Felix Stone opened itself to more forestland in the west and entertainment facilities to the east during period. Significantly, the marina and the pier in the southeast were removed along with the fish market to leave space for a new public beach area. Neighboring this is a private beach area located at the right corner, occupying a quarter of the southside. In the middle of the south area, the old hotel was demolished, and replaced by a new hotel and a car park, while the cafe relocated just slightly below. To the west, the dunes area shrinked, leaving spaces for wind turbines whereas the forestland expanded.

word count: 211

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Nov 1, 2023   #2
For starters, you can lower your word count to better suit the 20 minute writing time frame. Learn to write short but informative paragraphs. That means, the overall reporting and anlysis presentation should not be over 200 words. If you can complete the task in 175 - 180 words, you will be well on your way to getting a good score.

The images represent

You will be scored in the validity of your image identifier. So this is not an image, because an image represents a photo. This is a map of the location representing the changes to the area. You need to make sure you do not misidentify the information source as your reader will rely on that description going forward as your text is read.

At the first glance,

This will be another deduction because you are asking the reader to look at the image. They do not have a copy of the image and will be relying on your text to imagine the information. You will score down for these errors and quite possibly, not pass the test.

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