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IELTS - Writing Task1 - Map - A development plan - applies to the Islip town

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Oct 30, 2020   #1

islip town map and development plan

The diagrams illustrate the current construction of the town called Islip and the scheme which will indicate following a planned expansion.

Overall, some shops and the countryside are set to become different kinds of facilities, and the transportation of the town is planned to encircle most construction.

At present, the broad countryside in the north of the town, to the south of which are two rows of shops which flank the main road. Following, a wide residential area is placed in the south of the shops, to the west and east of which is positioned a school and a park respectively. Whereas both of them could be reached through branches of the main road extended in the east and west.

In the development scheme, the countryside and the northern side shops will have been replaced by a bus station, a shopping center, a car park, and new housing from west to east of the town. While the main road will have been turned into a pavement, which will have been connected to the dual carriageway through a branch. The circular way will have encircled most infrastructure except the school and the residential area in the southwest and south of the town respectively. Finally, the park will have decreased in size, to the west of which is new housing.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,252 3656  
Oct 30, 2020   #2
When the image is described on the instructions as a diagram, that is your cue, as the exam taker, to change that keyword. So, a diagram can be called a map, an outline, an illustration, a design, a drawing, a picture, there are endless variations on the original word. You have to change that word so you can show off your LR skills and also, avoid being scored down for using cut and paste or memorized phrases. You will be scored less for every word that you use from the original presentation.

Your summary overview should have 3-5 sentences, there is no use in having a stand alone trending statement when your first paragraph does not follow the minimum paragraph requirement. Yes, some tutors tell you to use 2 sentences. However, that does not allow you to clearly represent the summarized information from the image. That can only be achieved with a minimum of 3 sentences in the presentation.

You use the phrase "will have been" too often in the second paragraph. Again, this will result in the assumption of memorized phrases and your inability to use synonyms in the essay. Try to change that word in every reference sentence. You could say:

- Will have been
- Shall become
- Will be turned into
- is going to become / be

Among other variations of the phrase.

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