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[Writing task 1 - the map of Islip town centre now and planned development]

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Jul 20, 2021   #1

Description of the Islip center map

The pictures show the present map of the center of Islip and its proposed development plan.

Overall, the town is to be changed in almost every part of it, with more residential areas and facilities. In addition, the reduction in the public recreation ground and the construction of new road infrastructure is significant.

Islip town centre now has a great space of empty land up to the North, with a great variety of shops on the two sides of the linear main road. However, the shops is planned to be changed into a range of public properties such as the Bus station, Shopping mall, car park, and a new proposed area for residential accommodation. The main road is to be converted into pedestrians roads, while stores and shops on the other side of it will remain.

Remarkable changes lie in the construction of the new road system, which is to be transformed from the unfinished to the dual carriageway surrounding the area. New ground for housing is to be built adjacent to the current one within the surrounding main route, while the space of the public park is to be reduced. We can clearly see that the place of School and residential area at the southern of the town centre is to be remained, with a slight right-moving of the housing and the extension of the local school.
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Jul 21, 2021   #2
The writer should be aware that a 20 minute essay cannot accomodate 200 plus words being written. The maximum is 200 words, regardless of paragraph number. The text must be direct to the point, with as little word and sentence fillers as possible. For this type of presentation, only a single, marked trend should be provided to create a more focused statement.

Care should be taken when writing. Common place words which are not nouns are capitalized in the paragraphs. Review word capitalization usage rules. The last paragraph is unnecessarily wordy. As long as the writer meets the 150 minimum word count, he is safe from word count penalties.

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