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The maps showed the comparison of a city expanded from 1990 to 2005

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Sep 9, 2022   #1

The maps showed the comparison of a city expanded from 1990 to 2005.

Over the period, the area witnessed dramatic changes, from 1990 to 2005, the city center saw marvelous developments, there were some grouping of the development a city: started from the accommodation, transportation, business center.

During the 15 years, a ferry harbor was built near Railways Station, while in the southeast of The Airport was development. The new railways were developed from the east to the west. A Harbor was constructed at the edge of the sea, from the west to the east to the factory. Meanwhile in the north of the factory was built airports, behind the school.

The apartments were built in the southwest and three apartments were developed in the northwest near to the lake. In the northeast, three houses were constructed behind the hospital. Between 1990 to 2005 the business center was built. The Supermarket was built in the southwest and replaced the old houses and trees. A Factory was built in the southeast while demolishing houses, and the goverment of the city modernized transportation ways.
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The task accuracy of this essay in relation to the correct report format will be a failing score. A summary overview needs to be at least 2 sentences long, with at least 40 words typed into that paragraph. The trending statement is problematic in terms of thought presentation. There is no clarity to the structure used for the idea presented. Additionally, the writer exaggerates in the statement, leading to an unwarranted claim that makes it unreliable to believe. By the way, the writer also forgot to indicate how may maps were used to illustrate the changes provided.

This is a 3 reporting paragraph essay. the writer only focused on explaining the changes provided within 2 paragraphs. This is incorrect since the response format expectation is:

Par. 2: Old city plan description
Par. 3: New city plan description
Par. 4: Comparison of changes (optional)

Basically, this should be a 200 word report presentation.

The writer must focus on improving his timeline referencing. He needs to learn how to properly write in past and past perfect tenses. I mention past perfect tenses in particular because that was the main focus for writing assessment in this particular task.

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