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Many men and women are making the decision to have children later in life.

Feb 28, 2024   #1
These days, the phenomenon of married couples deciding not to have children at a young age has become more popular. While this trend can be explained by some reasons, it has more pernicious impacts not only on the family but also on society.

There could be some driving factors for this trend in which young couples are delaying giving birth. To begin with, many individuals today have a tendency to pursue a career first. Therefore, they often delay starting a family until they seek a solid economic background to meet their kid's demands such as food, clothes and health care, and have achieved their professional goals. Another reason may lie in the widely thought that children are raised better by older parents. To be more specific, older parent would have more life experience than younger ones, which allows them to deal with their children's problems more effectively. As a result, their offspring can receive a better education and enjoy more comprehensive development.

The decision not to prioritize having babies early can indeed have detrimental effects on both family and society as a whole. Chief of these is that delaying parenthood leads to an increased age difference between parents and their offspring, which may create challenges in communication. This is because older parents may have different perspectives, values, and cultural references from their children, making the exchange of ideas challenging and unnecessary arguments frequent in their family. As for society, married couples choosing to have children later in life could potentially cause a decline in the overall birth rate. This may result in a shortage of young workforce in the future, which can lead to lower economic productivity for the country.

In conclusion, the tendency to delay parenthood among young couples today is caused by many reasons and the adverse effects of this development can be seen in society in general and families in particular.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,787 4778  
Mar 5, 2024   #2
The prompt restatement should be composed of at least 3 sentences. While the first sentence clearly restates the original topic, the writer's opinion, based upon the given guide questions appears to be missing. That means, the essay will receive a failing score consideration for that section. The examiner will not give a score for merely repeating the discussion topics as listed. It does not create a complete restatement and response paragraph for the preliminary TA score.

Do not use sentence fillers as opening statements for your reasoning and effects paragraph. Due to the time constraint placed on completing the task, use subject sentences to open that paragraph instead. A subject will clearly direct the discussion for the paragraph, leading to a much better score in the C+C preliminary section later on.
Aroma 4 / 8  
Mar 14, 2024   #3
please your first sentence in your second paragraph has some uncertainty which you need to avoid that; be certain in your opinion.

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