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Mobile phones should be banned in public places like libraries, shops and on public transports

KhoaLee 1 / -  
Jun 4, 2021   #1

Not welcomed mobile phones

As technology progresses, virtually everyone nowadays possesses at least one mobile phone because it could facilitate our lives in many ways. Thus, the utilization of it is not confined in our own houses but rather in many public spaces such as libraries, shops, and public transport. Although many believe that there should be no restriction for using phones in such places, I would contend that the places in question are not appropriate for phone-using.

Firstly, there are several merits which utilizing phones in public spaces could bring to us. If a person, for example, travels to a foreign country, where they do not know about its road infrastructure, their phones will be of great help because they could search for directions, roads, addresses as well as destinations they want to reach owing to the GPS. Thus, the incidence of people becoming disoriented when traveling would reduce significantly. Moreover, there is always a demand for emergency contacts. If people are not allowed to use their phones in public areas, there will be no other modalities for them to contact in such urgent situations.

On the other hand, I think that phones should be strictly prohibited in public spaces such as libraries, shops, and public transport because it could pose many problems not only for the owners but also for their surrounding people. In libraries, for example, which is a place where quietness is highly respected, if people are allowed to use their phones freely, there will be several noises generating from notifications, phone ringing. These sounds might irritate and distract many people, especially when they are studying, and concentration is required. Therefore, the library would lose its unique feature, which people usually seek when they go to such places. Furthermore, using phones in public spaces could breed robberies. When a phone, for instance, is top-notch and well-designed, it is likely to grasp a lot of attention, and it would be an optimal target for petty crime to take place.

In conclusion, although some people believe that they should be able to use their mobile phones wherever they want given its helpful applications, I am of the opinion that mobile phones should be prohibited in several public spaces for safety purposes as well as the disturbances it could cause to other people.

-> I hope to receive some useful pointers from you, and also hope you to give a possible mark I can get with this essay in the real IELTS exam. Thank you very much in advance.
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Jun 5, 2021   #2
I would contend ... for phone-using.

Follow up this statement with your measured agreement to complete the response presentation. Your strong disagreement (Hint) response is all that is missing to help you make this a well scoring TA presentation.

there are several merits

Don't confuse the discussion. Focus on 2 reasons that support your opinion. You will not receive any points for discussions that do not apply to the strengthening of your previous opinion. Focus on the demerits only. You can only present a merit if you will be discrediting it in the paragraph it is included in.

I think

You are discrediting your own opinion which means your opinion is now unclear, resulting in deducted TA points. Words of certainty must always be attached to your opinion.

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