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Nowadays, mobile phones and internet have become increasingly important in people's social life

jadenguyen252 1 / -  
Aug 15, 2023   #1

mobile phones and internet rule people's social life

The advent of cell phones and the Internet has dramatically changed human life and become an indispensable part of the daily basis. However, besides the undeniable benefits of convenient communication and updated information, mobile phones and the Internet also bring disadvantages to people's social life by their safety and entertainment feature.

To begin with, mobile phones and the Internet have several advantages that should be recognized. Thanks to web search engines, people can get instant access to relevant information anytime and anywhere with a diversity of materials. For instance, to look for books or information that students need for dissertations, they no longer have to spend tremendous time commuting to public libraries, all they need is to utilize the Internet's searching tools instead. Besides, mobile phones have come in useful in terms of keeping effective communication. To be more specific, by its portability, it is not uncommon to see that a lot of people still can deal with job duties or make a visiting call to their beloved ones while they are on the move.

In contrast, many people are worried about the drawbacks of overusing the Internet and cell phones. On the one hand, being overly dependent on technological devices can distract people easily. Due to the appealing entertainment that cell phones offer users, such as online shopping or video games, people can hardly focus on what they intend to do. As a result, it would hinder the way leading to achieving academic or professional goals. On the other hand, without knowledge and experience, people could be patients of scams on the Internet. By anonymity, a lot of users can lose tons of money by hackers which can lead people to deteriorated mental health.

In conclusion, while the Internet and mobile phones are playing an essential role in human life nowadays, they still have adverse effects that should be considered carefully.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Aug 21, 2023   #2
The advantages presentation is far better than the disadvantages discussion. You clearly have a better idea of how to explain the benefits of mobile phones and internet connectivity because you have the personal experience to fall back on in the explanation. The same cannot be said for the disadvantages paragraph. The ideas presented are not fully developed. The explanations are too short to be as believable as the advantages presentation. Your reliance on presenting several pieces of information, without really developing those topics and explanations are what led to the lack of connectivity and understandability of that paragraph. Next time, focus on developing connected reasons and explanations for a more developed paragraph.

Home / Writing Feedback / Nowadays, mobile phones and internet have become increasingly important in people's social life
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