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Mobile and technology essay paper

minhtuan2006 1 / -  
Sep 15, 2023   #1

technology and mobile devices

Given the immense development of technology and mobile devices , smartphone are prevalent among everyone . It is argued that utilization of cell phone as anti social as exhalng and inhaling cigarette because smoking is prohibited in some places , mobile phone should be forbidden as well . In my opinion , using phone is illegal because it causes distraction and lack of iteraction but it is beneficial for emergency

On the one hand , using phone is against the law . First , smartphone trigger the interruption in people ' work . In fact , when people concentrate on their job , high volume from this devices will hinder their concentraion . For instance , when I am doing maths , my friend access to tiktok and do not allow me to learn . As a result , Banning technology , gadgets ensure people 's performance . Second , cell phone also lead to the lack of communication . Obviously , when people spend numerous time using the mobile phone , they can not take part in social activities and have time with friends and family , thereby leading to depression and shy . For example , teenagers prefer playing video games and watching movies at home than going to cinema or park with their friends . As a result , smartphone have a tremendous impact on the way we live today

On the other hand , in term of emergency , it is really the useful devices . To begin with , pupils can give the urgent contact to their parents when they witness the unexpected problems . That is the reason why some parents purchase the modern smartphone for their children , they will be worried when their sons come home late or do not respond the phone call . Take my mother as the striking example , she has told me to bring cell phone in everywhere , especially at school . As a result , utilizing phone is benficial for emergency . Moreover , it is necessary for learning . In fact , students can easily access to some study websites or platforms to prepare for the next lessons or practice by smartphones . For instance , I always open ielts channels on youtube to practice listening and speaking . Whereby , pupils can enhance their knowlegde and confident in study progress

In conclusion , using smartphone leads to the noise pollution and lack of interaction ; However , it is benficial for studying and urgent contact . Whereby , we should use cell phone reasonable for both personality purposes and community
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,917 4798  
Sep 26, 2023   #2
The essay is too long. It is so long that it has created a clear image in the examiner's mind regarding how poor your English writing skills are. From incorrect spelling, improper grammar usage, and lack of clear thought presentations, this essay is a perfect example of how long essay writing will result in an overall failing score. You cannot pass this test based on word count alone. You have to pass each individual grading rubic if you wish to receive a mere passing score. In this case, you failed to achieve the rubic requirements for a starting passing score. You have to improve your English skills overall, with a focus on quality rather than quantity writing.

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