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IELTS task 2 - Modern technology, make human more reliance on them

Bayuwibowo 48 / 73 21  
Nov 26, 2015   #1
Over-reliance on modern technology means that people are failing to learn, or are forgetting, many basic skills.
To what extent is this true? Are people becoming so reliant on modern technology that they are to longer able to do some things without it?

The inventions of modern technologies are more likely make inhabitants neglect their basic skills. Although this extent is true in some cases, I would argue that people still have a great deal of willingness to learn and have strong fundamental proficiency. This essay also discusses the possibility of people reliance on technology.

Advancement of technology tends to make people reliance on them. They feel, without technology their life will uncomfortable. For instance, the invention of Calculator in 1642 by Blaise Pascal makes people lazy to do numeric calculation anymore. Almost all of people in the world use this invention in their daily life. From children to complete their task until a businessman and professor use the calculator. As a result, they forget using algorithm and simple equation like multiply and deduction. This is because Calculator indulges them with automation calculation. As seen, these modern technologies make people hesitant to do manual calculation and maybe failing to learn.

As a matter of fact, there are some counter-arguments against prior statement. Apparently, every school has a basic syllabus about calculus. They encourage their students to do complicated manual calculation. Algebra, sigma, and relativity theory are something that calculator cannot undergo without human intervention. That experience is strengthening the argument that human have more complicated skills of calculation rather than machine. In addition, the machine only can work if they obtain a command from their master which is human. In this circumstance, computer only help human to do remnant calculation, but the whole idea is from human brain. To exemplify, the banker use Excels to help them doing detail calculation as their responsibility. This is because computer can analyze longer and accurate number as human requested.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that even though modern technology simplify human task, human does not has no a tendency to rely on that matter. Where possible, utilize that technology with properly in order to gain more benefits.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 27, 2015   #2
Bayu, the essay that you presented has a clear thought and presents a solid line of reasoning. However, you could have better argued this essay by stating that, while high school and college students are allowed to use computers and calculators for their basic math equations, the foundation for these skills are not forgotten in elementary schools. Remind the reader that while it is true that modern technology makes man reliant on the gadget, the schools and our parents training at home makes learning the basics an essential part of growing up.

As an example, you can present how the fundamentals of Math; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, are all taught as a part of the basic math subject in gradeschool. However, as the equations get more complex and more formulas are added to the mix, scientific calculators become an essential part of solving the problems. Thereby making technology necessary in order to accomplish modern tasks. The human brain can only calculate so much and remember so many formulas, computers and calculators however, can remember and do more, faster and more accurately than than human brain can.

Then there is of course the training we get at home. While we are taught by our parents as children to wash dishes by hand, as we develop an understanding of the technology around us, we are then allowed to use the dishwasher. There again, is the reference to the basic skill that is first taught and developed in a child prior to the use of technology. So no, it isn't true that technology makes a person reliant on them. There are many ways that these basic skills are unknowingly taught to the children. They just don't need to always apply the basic, hard method, skill when they have the technology to make the work easier.

When you argue these types of essays, try to make sure that you present both the technical and practical aspects of the discussion. When you use everyday examples to help support your stance, the essay becomes stronger because the examiner will know that you fully understood the prompt in relation to commonly known facts and activities.

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