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Motorways have both positive and negative impacts on the social community

Hieugod28102001 1 / 2  
Jul 15, 2017   #1
[IELTS] Task 2 : I've done my essay but I think it has some errors, pls read it and help me

Motorways help people travel quickly and cover long distances but also cause problems. Why and give reasons ?
( I dont really remember the question :) sorry)

motorways importance for people

Most roads now are covered with concrete in order to facilitate the needs of traveling. But they also give rise to some negative consequences that really hinder the authorities. This essay will discuss this problem and give reasonable explanations of it.

In the 21st century, means of transport have developed dramatically from motorbikes to sophisticated automobiles. Therefore roads also need to be upgraded to avert traffic congestion during rush hour . Furthermore, many industries rely on motorways such as delivery or taxi service. With an organized network of roads those businesses can be operated well. According to a recent survey from The Time, 90% of chief executive officers from famous companies such as Uber and Grab report that their revenue has increased 40% since 2000 thanks to the improved motorways.

On the other hand, concrete roads have caused certain negative impacts. Firstly, the government must spend a significant amount of financial resources so as to invest in upgrading motorways. This is difficult for developing countries because their national funds would run out if they spent money on enhancing traffic roads. Secondly, organizing road networks involves resident's household. The authorities choose which houses need to be demolished in order to make room for motorways. As a result numerous families may lose their homes which contain items holding precious memories.

In conclusion, motorways have both positive and negative impacts on the social community. Although they facilitate the demand for transportation and help avoid traffic jams, a better roads also costs a considerable sum of money and make people lose their beloved homes.

( Thanks for reading my essay !!! Im still a newbie so if there are any mistakes, feel free to leave a comment !)
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Jul 15, 2017   #2
Are you kidding me?! Please remember that your essays cannot be properly reviewed and assessed if you cannot provide us with the proper prompt instructions. It is not a smiling matter to tell us that you cannot remember the question. How can you be helped or advised regarding improvements if there is nothing to base the observations of your work on? I cannot tell you that you did a good job if I don't know what the job you are being asked to do is. Remember, accuracy on your part means useful advice for your improvement on the contributors end.

The essay that you wrote is confused, does not follow any coherent or cohesive discussion in relation to the (possible) prompt and and in effect would not get a passing score. Do not do research when writing these essay practices because you are not going to have internet access at the testing center. Always be conscious of the time limit (30 minutes) when you practice writing the test. Within 30 minutes, you only have time to use popular knowledge or personal experience for your discussions. Since I am not clear as to what your actual discussion instruction is, I cannot even tell you how to improve the possible problem points with your discussion.

My final advice for you is this. Take the practice tests seriously. Offer a complete prompt discussion instruction when you ask us to review your essay. Make sure that you apply the correct writing method when you develop your essay. This is not a joke. This test will determine if you can study in the UK, Australia, and Canada, or not. This is not a tongue in cheek test so there is no "Ooops! Sorry!" moment. When you can't even remember the instructions for the essay, then you are bound to fail it.
OP Hieugod28102001 1 / 2  
Jul 15, 2017   #3
Thanks for your advice ,Holt ! I understood that its was my mistake to forget the question but do you really think my essay is not coherent ? I usually write essays like this and my teacher says they are quite good. The fact is I always make my own examples up and they are not true .

Is that OK if I continue faking examples and statistics ? Please let me know . Thank you a lot !

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