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Culture - expansion of International media has negative or positive impacts on cultural diversity

Pham To Anh Dao 2 / 2 1  
Sep 9, 2017   #1
Question: When International media (including movies, fashion shows, advertisement and other TV programs) convey the sane messages to the global audience, people argue that the expansion of International media has negative impacts on cultural diversity. What is your opinion?

negative impact of international media


Whether international media is an issue open to debate. A majority of people take the view that international media is a marvelous way to impact useful information to around the world; on the other hand, a sizeable percentage of people who strongly advocate that faster and faster enlargement of media results to many pessimistic consequences. From my personal viewpoint, international media plays an important part in globalization and culture homogeneity.

There are many benefits from dominance of international media. First and foremost, nowadays, people on over the world have ability to update news and information day by day. In fact, a citizen in Viet Nam could know the latest news in any fields in any foreign countries on the world; the news that two popular singers get marriage in Korea has been announced in Korea, and as soon as shared to around the world through social network such as Facebook and online newspapers. Furthermore, apart from this point above, one further justification that should not be ignored here is that human could expand their knowledge in aspects they are interested in and what they have never heard before. For example, Thailand people use international media as a great method to advertise their food diversity as well as the culture of this nation. At a result, more and more people on around the world were impressed and come to Thailand to enjoy a lot of exciting things and foreigners experience what they have never done previously.

On the contrary, international media has been asked to take responsibility for people's narrow sense ways of life. Indeed, most of people in many countries speaks English, wears Western-style jackets and is crazy about Western food such as fast food. Children are passionate about cartoons showed on Disney channel, the youth are captivated by Hollywood, fashion shows; to name a few, blockbuster movies, horror films, Victoria Secret fashion shows. The loss of media diversity lead to the contraction of culture diversity, in other words, each country loses the traditional values making them be unique, and in future, we could catch the same things though we move to a variety of nations on the world.

As shown above, international media has some drawbacks; however, it makes an enormous contribution to progress of globalization and international integration. We cannot deny the important role of international media.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Sep 9, 2017   #2
Pham, did you mean to say "same" not "sane"? "Same" means similar or no difference. "Sane" means not mentally ill. Always double check your original prompt postings to make sure that you did not misspell a word. Once you make a mistake in the original prompt, it will become difficult for me to review your essay for content and prompt responsiveness. I will assume, in this instance that you mean "same" and not "sane". The essay that you wrote doesn't really align itself with a cultural diversity discussion. You were more focused on a discussion of how international media now shares information quickly among various settings. Therefore, the essay doesn't really respond to the prompt in the proper manner. It appears that your discussion is totally different from the original prompt. In fact, I could not find a single reference to the original prompt in any of your paragraphs which, seem to be discussing its own prompt instead. I strongly believe that you misunderstood the prompt requirements and as such, could not accurately discuss the essay requirements. Therefore, this essay will get a failing score in the actual test.

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