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Nano technology is created by tiny molecule that rearrange atoms

andika08 81 / 80 16  
Dec 1, 2016   #1
Nano technology is created by tiny molecul with rearanging atoms. Some scientists conduct experiment with chemical safety to create it in factories. By the time goes on, there are so many debate about it, but the most important term is how to use it in the right way. Moreover, there are several usage for this innovation such as field transportation, new generation of computer, generate power and wide application to help people activites. Moreover, the unique purpose is coming from nano robot, it can reduce the human work by rebuilding some construction and cleaning up environment from disaster.
Pramudia27 34 / 55 2  
Dec 1, 2016   #2
... created by tiny moleculmolecule with rearangingrearranging atoms.
... to create it in the factories.
..., there are so many debatedebates about it, but the most ...

based on Cambridge dictionary, "debate" can be used as countable or uncountable. if you want to use it as countable noun you should put "s" in this word.

... to help people activitesactivities .

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