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A nation should be responsible for the health, welfare and prosperity of its citizens

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Oct 28, 2012   #1
Review Request: My content, grammar, sentence structure and how can I improve it more. .

TOPIC : A nation should be responsible for the health, welfare and prosperity of its citizens.

A Nation consists of people from different status, religion and knowledge. Some might feel that a nation should not create policies for every individual but I agree with the statement that a nation is responsible for the wellbeing of its citizen. Hence, a nation should develop policies which should protect the citizen's health, welfare and their basic living.

First, a nation should concentrate on the welfare of its citizen. Nation should create policies to curb terrorist activities and should protect its people. They should take severe action against those who disturb the peace of their people. This will instill believe in their country people which will be beneficial for the nation in a number of ways. This will reduce expatriates who would like to move to another country which is safe. As an example, due to the massive terrorist activities prevailing in Pakistan, many Pakistani's have left their country and shifted to other safer countries. Movement of people from its country will lead to other repercussion like lack of knowledgeable people who are important to drive the nation. Thus, if the welfare of the country people is not taken with utmost sincerity it could be detrimental to the nation in the long run.

Second, in addition to the welfare of the people, I feel a nation should also create beneficial health related policies. With the uncontrolled growth in health expenses it is extremely difficult for an average earner to meet his family health expenses. Looking into the details shared by government of India, health expenses have grown five folds compared to the wages and salaries which have just grown one fold since a decade. Statistics shows clearly that health policies should be constructed for the national benefit. The health policies should allow tax exemptions for individual health related expenses. In addition, there should also be policies allowing free medication for poor people. Unless, this is met health issue could lead to deaths in large numbers and it could also lead to spread out diseases over the whole country. This in turn could have negative effects to country's tourism; corporate branches been closed by overseas companies; and airplanes from the effected country not allowed in other safer countries. Hence, a good health policy can save a nation from a number of unforeseen issues.

Third, alongside the issue of welfare and health, I think basic living of an individual is also an important point which a nation should consider. Nation should check whether basic requirement by every individual is met. For example, if the basic living of farmers is not met then they might shift to other work. Farming is important for every nation as it supplies a country with enough food required for its population. Lack of farming might lead to importing food from other countries which in turn augment national expenses and in turn lead to expensive food products. Moreover, this can cause malnutrition as poor people cannot afford expensive food. This shows that a nation should develop policies so that a basic requirement of every individual is met.

My consideration of the issue of national responsibility has explored factors - citizen welfare, citizen health and basic living requirements for every individual. These considerations led me to believe with the blanket statement that a nation should concentrate and develop policies related to health, welfare and should also check whether the basic requirement is met by its country people.

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Oct 30, 2012   #2
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Nov 11, 2012   #3
good work, you have very valid points to support your argument..all the best
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Nov 12, 2012   #4
What is this the full task topic?
With what you have provided, I guess the topic is more focussed on the idea that all three areas - health, wealth and prosperity are equally important for a nation and it is the responsibility of the nation to maintain a good balance of all three. Giving low priority anyone of these may cause disastrous effects to a nation. However, your introduction does not seem to be aligned in this direction.
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Nov 20, 2012   #5
Thanks Dumi for your reviews. Will change the intro part.

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