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New Perspective On Environmental Solution.

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Jun 24, 2012   #1
TOPIC: New Perspective On Environmental Solution.

(INTRODUCTION)1Plenty of intellectuals in variety of field and officials in government have posed issues about growing environmental problems on earth and global warming and presented solutions.2 Glaciers are rapidly melting every year. 3Contamination of drinking water, increasing temperature, air pollution, polluted soil problem, people have already well known of these. 4They put emphasis on growing concern about how serious the environmental problems are.5 But there are not many useful things to solve these problems. 6And there are also a number of people who are not concerned about those problems.7 Perhaps, those listeners are sick and tired of those impractical solutions and same old cliches of fossils, and it's not very appetizing as well. 8Developed countries are cutting down on emitting carbon and implemented restrictions on factories for environment. 9Underdeveloped countries keep discharging wastes into the sea and emitting fatal poisonous gas into the airs.10 Not all of those countries can afford to be concerned with that matters. 11People in those countries live from hand to mouth. 12 There a bunch of young girls go to brothel at teen-age and boys spending most of their time in laborious work in the factory at low wage. 13 If officials in underdeveloped should take measures on something, they will give more priorities to economic growth as what they need now is getting out of those miserable situations.

(BODY)1For example, There are mountains of wastes in some poor countries.2 And people earns money for living by burning electronics which occasion dioxide to extract pure metals. 3They don't have time to consider for dangers. 4And thankfully, those wastes are from environmental organizations in many developed countries such as Japan, Germany, U.S.A, U.K and etc. 5Children are already contaminated by those poisonous gases caused from burning those electronic wastes.6 People wouldn't know what those environmental organizations have done in contrast to good image in outward. 7Nonetheless those stubborn officials and intellectuals insist on saving the Earth. 8Saving the Earth is important. 9But we should be concerned with poor people in those countries.

(CONCLUSION)1Like those underdeveloped countries in these days, chimneys in factories in affluent countries were belching black smokes in the past.
2 Presenting solutions for environmental matters ought to be practical in both two sides and not to be superficial just for the moment. 3When the attentions for environmental matter revolve around not only for affluent countries but also for poor countries, then the real solutions will gradually make the changes.

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Jun 24, 2012   #2
Scientists have been proposing numerous possible solutions in arresting growing environmental problems ,such as global warming, air pollution, water contamination, soil errosion, and glacier melting etc. Developed countries are cutting down carbon emmission Through environmental regulations on factories and developing environmental friendly products and living patterns.However, despite their interest in environmental sustainability, financial constraints limit developing countries in working towards achieving this goal.

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