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In my opinion people should prepare meal and eat at home rather than going out to restaurants

Lam Tran 1 / 1  
Jul 16, 2018   #1

Food stand, restaurants or prepare and cook at home?

Question: some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and cook at home. Which do you prefer? Use your specific reasons and examples to support your answer

In my opinion, I believe that people should prepare and eat at home rather than going out for restaurants. This is because eating at home is much healthier to save the money. I think this way for a couple of reasons.

To begin with, preparing and eating foods at home is always better for your health than going out for restaurants or some kind of food stands. There is nothing to verify the hygiene of vegetables, meats, drinks at restaurants. If you unfortunately eat something not hygienic, your health will get troubles. My experience can illustrate this ideal. When I was a student 8 years ago, I often went out for meals at a restaurant nearby my apartment since I was too busy for studying. I felt that this restaurant did not always serve hygienic foods for customers. I remember I found something unclean and dirty on their meals several times, such as vegetables, steaks, yet I had to stay with this restaurant for a period of time since I had no choice. As a consequence, my stomach then began getting hurt after two weeks, and I even vomited. My condition at the time was so bad that I had to go to the hospital. This illustrates eating foods at restaurants is not good for your health

Secondly, cooking foods at home can save a lot of money. This is because you do not have to pay any extra expense such as renting, hiring labor, laundering, and an amount of profit of the restaurant. My experience can demonstrate this ideal. After graduated from college, I often had breakfast and dinner at a restaurant close to my office since I usually worked late. The price of foods at the restaurant was pretty expensive compared to my salary at the time. After one year, I could not save much money because I realized that foods took a significant amount of money on my income. I had decided to prepare my meals at home to save cost. It was worthy since I could save up to $1,000 per month so that I could the money to do other things. This demonstrates how cooking foods at home can help to save a lot of money

In conclusion, I strongly believe that people should prepare and eat foods at home. This is because it is good for health and to help them save the money.


Thank you for helping me

Lam Tran

dimdim02 7 / 13 1  
Jul 16, 2018   #2
essay should contain 4 paragraphs. first paragraph is introduction, second paragraph is main idea 1, third paragraph is the main idea 2, and the last paragraph should be conclusion. and you get all of them, which means you are good.

introduction, it should be like this

I like preparing and eating at home better than going out to restaurants. Because eating at home is not only good for health, but also I can save money.
hphuc123 4 / 10 4  
Jul 16, 2018   #3
I'm an IELTS learner so there could be some misunderstandings when I look at your essay, forgive me if there is any. Anyhow, here's what i suggest to improve it:

- You are supporting your opinion in the introduction: "This is because eating at home... ". I don't know TOEFL rules, but this is inappropriate in an IELTS essay

- Save the money
- eating foods (this error appears throughout the essay)
- Get troubles
- I don't know if it's common to use personal experiences to prove your points in TOEFL, but this is strongly discouraged in IELTS writing

- I could use the money to
- can help us to save a lot of money
- avoid repetition: "save money", "demonstrate",...

That's what I can suggest to improve your essay now :)
OP Lam Tran 1 / 1  
Jul 16, 2018   #4

Thank you for your support. The sentence above should be "This is ... healthier AND to save the money", I missed the word "AND" in the middle.


Regarding to TOEFL's criteria, your response of both writing and speaking section could be either your personal experience or a made-up story, which means a lie. It is acceptable in the TOEFL test.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,312 2863  
Jul 17, 2018   #5
Hi Lam, the essay is asking you for your personal preference or choice in this instance, as to whether you prefer to eat at a restaurant or at home. In your response, you gave an opinion based on a general / public consideration instead of the personal choice as indicated in the essay. The fact that you are to discuss a personal choice is indicated in the question

Which do you prefer?

Then the essay asks you to discuss or defend your preference based solely on your personal experience or knowledge. So the parts of the essay that give an opinion about how you believe that people should prepare foods at home, that is not the point of the essay. The discussion point is only based on a personal choice / decision. There is nothing in the essay to indicate that you need to present a persuasive argument to convince others to do the same as you do.

In my opinion, your first body paragraph needs to be adjusted to reflect the required elements of the prompt which is your personal discussion based on personal experience. Even if you make up the information, it still has to focus only on you instead of the public. Due to the existing strengths of this essay though, I believe that you can get a score of at least 3 with this type of writing.

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