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Your opinion do you think governments or individuals can make significant changes in society.

Emanrageh 1 / -  
Oct 26, 2018   #1

steps to rising life standard of a regular citizen

The core of successful project is a good management. Therefore, some citizens believe that governments are responsible for major changes in communities, while some agree that individuals have an impact on society too. In my opinion, I believe that government is the main body which manipulate society to achieve its maximum potential to drive are able the country to one of the top nations.

As a citizen, government changes are a concern to me personally, as well others living in the country. Few changes by government are able to convert our life standards dramatically.Decisions that are agreed upon to set the regulations and rules by the government, are the only decisions identified and well-known globally. Individuals would impact the society , however, at the end government have the rights to change individuals changes and only the changes will be recognized.

Furthermore, the relationship between a government and its individuals is similar to the relationship of an organization to its stuff. Employers and employees may not have the ability to change and improve in the organization if the the management is not supporting their ideas. Without the higher management approval , individuals will not have the power or right to change. An example of my own experience is my country. Yemen is having a politic conflicts where government is blamed for causing the harm, although individuals are trying to end the tragedy, the dictator leader has the power to destroy the the country.

Ultimately, governments are the only body who can drive the countries either on of the top countries or the worst. I think if the society is aiming for better future, it should start with voting to the right leader an the best management. I hope in future the peace and human rights will be the priority of all governments regardless their passion for power.
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Oct 27, 2018   #2
I can't get a clear message in paragraph 2, probably you can elaborate more by using examples to confirm your statement in paragraph 2

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