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The outcomes of a survey on coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in five Australian cities

Homayoun khan 1 / -  
Aug 4, 2022   #1

the demand for tea and coffee and people's drinking habits

The given chart provides information regarding the outcomes of a survey about Sydney's Melbourne's Brisbane's, Adelaide's, and Hobart's residents' tea and coffee purchasing and drinking habits over a four-week period.

Overall, whereas the largest proportion of people preferred to go to a coffee shop for coffee or tea with the exception of Adelaide, where buying instant coffee was more popular, the least favored to buy fresh coffee.

In terms of having a coffee or tea in a café, while Hobart and Melbourne had the highest proportions, almost the same, at nearly 63%, Adelaide had the lowest percentage, where purchasing instant coffee was relatively more preferable. Furthermore, the figure of Brisbane and Sydney varied between 62% and 55%.

Focusing on buying instant coffee, whereas it made up the highest proportions in Hobart followed by Brisbane, at around 1% variance, it ranged from 50% to 45% for the remaining three cities, of which Sydney had the lowest contribution, reaching almost 46%.

Buying fresh coffee had the least popularity if compared to the other two habits. While, it was most popular in Sydney followed by Melbourne and then Hobart with around 44%, 42%, and 37%, respectively, it had lowest preference in Brisbane and Adelaide, at approximately similar level of 34%.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Aug 5, 2022   #2
The summary overview does not identify the type of image nor the number of images. The listing of cities in Australia within the sentence does not follow the correct enumeration format. There is a wrong and excessive use of proprietarial apostrophe's in the enumeration where only only apostrophe is required. The writer also failed to correctly use commas as enumeration separators in the same paragraph. the run-on sentence presentation will be the final reason that the summary overview will receive a failing preliminary score.

The writer is using the word "whereas" in this presentation. It is neither used as a conjunction or as a noun, which are the only correct ways to do it. So the writer has shown that he has knowledge of elementary English words, but not how to use it properly. Rather than adding clarity to the trend, it created confusion instead.

Comma usage throughout the essay reduces the clarity of the sentence ideas and explanations. It seems to be the only punctuation mark, aside from a period, that the writer knows how to use. The sentences are neither complex, simple, nor compund because of the punctuation usage problem. This cannot be marked as a passing score task.

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