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Mardy17 32 / 18 5  
Feb 1, 2016   #1
Some people say that the clothes people wear are the most important indication of what they are like. Others, however, say that people should not be judged by the clothes they wear.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is true that clothes become an inevitable accessory in human beings' lives. Nowadays, a great number of people assume that these garments can delineate who an individual is, while others believe that there are no justifications for this. This essay will discuss both points of view.

For decades, apparel has become a primary need for every single person which protects them from the detrimental effect of various weather conditions. Interestingly, the style of dresses is constantly changing in each age and most of the people have a tendency following the new fashion trends in order to still look up to date. Moreover, lots of outstanding people wear the certain style and the current dress to impress their fans and express themselves. As a result, fashion occasionally becomes a benchmark in society to describe someone's personality.

Nevertheless, some people believe that it is quite hard to value someone character based on their outward appearance since the different person has a different dress style. Generally, the garment which individuals used depends on their occupation. For instance, a business woman dresses clothes neat suit up in order to seem polite when meeting with colleagues, while a farmer always wears a simple suit like t-shirt because this type of fabric is easier to absorb sweat. Therefore, the cloth is totally worn for such purposes and we cannot judge people's character by the clothes they wear.

In conclusion, I would argue that garment basically cannot be an indicator to value somebody's personality, due to the reason that the cloth is just outfit appearance that can be manipulated anytime, while someone's character could not be changed. Finally, while there are some who may wish to judge people by what they wear, the reality is that nobody can distinguish the character of a person simply by the clothes they wear.
Hidro13 2 / 4 1  
Feb 2, 2016   #2
1. I think you should give your opinion in the introduction
2. In conclusion, you should not use "finally"
3. while there are some one who
4. In the body 1, you didnt write the reasons why the clothes people wear are the most important indication of what they are like, you just say why people follow the trend
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Feb 2, 2016   #3
Mardy, the prompt clearly states that you must indicate your personal opinion on the topic, aside from presenting the two sides of the argument for discussion. Therefore, you opening statement should contain a restated prompt, an opposing line of reason, a supporting line of reason, and your personal opinion on the matter. Closing the opening statement by saying that you will discuss both points of view in the essay is not sufficient. You were required to indicate an opinion as part of the opening statement and yet you failed to do so. Any instructions that you are unable to reflect in the essay will give the opinion that you lack the basic English comprehension skills necessary to properly complete the test. Expect to immediately enter into the low score bracket for this essay due to that one missing element of the essay alone.

What makes matters even worse for the final score of your essay is the fact that, just like the other test takers who disregard the proper formatting requirements of the test, you are discussing your personal opinion as a concluding statement to the paper. Your opinion is not meant to be the closing statement of the paper. It is meant to have its own properly developed paragraph instead. By using your opinion to close the essay, you have not followed the correct format instructions and again, have proven your inability to develop a written English paper in the proper form. Which means to say that you are unable to follow English worded instructions, which translates into a regrettably low score for this essay.

You are still doing practice tests. So I suggest that you train yourself in the proper ways and means of developing an IELTS essay. You need to make sure that you display an ability to understand English instructions and properly develop a logical English essay. This essay doesn't do that for you.

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