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Some parent offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school Do y

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Jun 11, 2016   #1
Although a certain conclusion cannot be made, many people think that students should not rely on money, while others do not. I firmly concur with the idea that allocating a great deal of money for each high score is considerably worthwhile. In the following paragraphs, the most conspicuous reasons will cogently substantiate this perspective.

First of all, one should take into account this significant fact that every gift can be a crucial avid for students for getting a high score in the final exam. As a matter of fact, we all know that money is a precious factor in the life without any shadow of doubt. To demonstrate, most of the scientists all over the world contend that students need to a strong impetus in the ambiance academic which this leads tremendous amount of eagers for success. So, the established an experimental programs worldwide to estimate the importance of money for success in the high school. The results are surprising: over 90 percent of students would like to receiving money until getting a high mark, in fact, when they get an excessive amount of money from parents they promise which taking a high GPA in the term. Notwithstanding, there is variety items which students are not depends on money due to the fact that they like education for yourself and progress even their parents did not allocating money for them, they would like high education and try diligently for having a bright future. What's more, To shed more light on the issue, according to the result of the study posted in Time Magazine that majority of students in the USA got a high score without any money. Under this circumstance, this indicates that allotting a considerable amount of money for education is relatively for all.

In approaching this issue, one should regard another subtle point meticulously that there are variable items for encouraging students in the education such as travelling abroad. The noteworthy refreshingly intelligible statistics, revealed by a recent social research conducted in our country that when parents offer their children going to European trip, definitely, student's will become powerful for triumph and earning a high grade due to the fact that they would like travelling. Needless to say, inasmuch as, having a superb trip is highly great for soul and excitement.

Taking a considerable amount of money for getting a high grade in the university is vital to everyone. Taking all aforementioned arguments into account leads us to conclusion that we should contemplate about the value of money in the life which is an indispensable criterion for success in the current era. Consequently, to recapitulate the reasons, suggesting every gift for students would be worthwhile for them.

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