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Parents should let their children grow up in the city - good preparation for the hard life ahead

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Aug 11, 2014   #1
Please read and correct this essay for me. Thank you very much
One of the most important factors in the development of a child is the environment he lives in because it determines everything that is related to his life. For this reason, all parents have to consider carefully where to bring up their children. Some choose to raise their children in the simplicity of the countryside, but others would rather their children grew up in the city with all the modern facilities and technologies. However, I strongly agree with the latter for the following reasons

First of all, considering the quality of facilities, the city is definitely more beneficial for children than the countryside. The hospitals have well-trained doctors and highly-advanced technologies, so parents won't have to worry too much when their children are sick. The stores have a wide range of products for different age groups, so parents can choose what is most suitable for their kids. The houses are equipped with air-conditioners, so the weather is not a big concern. The schools provide well-qualified teachers and excellent learning resources, which will be a great help for the children's education and their job search in the future. In addition, a wonderful advantage in the city is high-speed Internet connections which allow children to acquire knowledge more quickly and easily. They can also have more choice of entertainment: they can play in amusement parks, view art in galleries, watch a movie at the cinema,...Children in the city have numerous opportunities to fully develop and live comfortably

Secondly, city children are better prepared for life. As people from different places, backgrounds and cultures live and work in the city, children will get to know a diversity of people and understand more about other cultures. They can also expand their networks of friends, which will be extremely helpful for their future life. In contrary, the countryside doesn't have many people and children will only meet people that are just like them, which means their understanding of the world is limited. Additionally, children in the city live in a highly-competitive world from an early age and they have got used to the fast pace of life, so they can withstand tremendous pressure in their job, while those who have lived in the countryside for a long time will find it unbearable.

In conclusion, parents should let their children grow up in the city because the facilities there are better and children have the chance to prepare themselves for the hard life ahead. Parents have to take advantage of this opportunity to help their children become successful in the future

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