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Essay: Who should pay tuition fees? STUDENTS or the GOVERNMENT?

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Aug 22, 2008   #1
It is sometimes argued that because the tertiary education is greater benefit to the individual than to the society, students should pay full fees? What is your opinion?

The problem that who is responsible for paying university tuition fees has been in dispute for many years. Many individuals express their approvals of self-paid tuition fees whereas others claim that it is the government's responsibility to subsidize tertiary education. From my point of view, I am convinced of the latter view owing to the following reasons.

To begin with, that the government pours money into higher education is a crucial factor contributing to a prosperous and civilized society. It must be conceded that the human resource is of great importance to every nation. Investing in higher education, therefore, helps establish a high-quality labour force with great expertise in the future. That is the reason why virtually all developed countries allocate huge amounts of national budgets on universities every year.

Another reason for higher education's subsidization is that it gives students from all walks of life the equal entitlement to further their education. If all students have to cover their own expenses of study in universities, the chances are that only the well-to-do can afford tertiary education. How can disadvantaged and poor students have enough money to invest in higher education when they can't even cope with difficulties making ends meet every day? Fortunately enough, tuition waivers and government's grants are the ideal solutions to that problem, enabling all students to have an opportunity to cultivate their academic prowess, creating a healthy competitive studying environment among themselves.

All things considered, budgets spent on higher education are indispensable these days, especially with a developing country like Guyana. Not only should the authorities continue allocating resources for the University of Guyana education but they ought to provide more money to support lecturers and students in boosting up their performances as well.

By the way, Gloria, would you mind helping me with some confused words below? Because whenI write I dont know whether it's right or wrong!

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are there any words convey the same meaning. So that I can actively use them more naturally in writing?


- What does SOCIAL EVILS consist of?(ex: drug, smoking,alcoholic, diseases....? I havent figured out the meaning of such word

- Would you mind differentiate between "ADOLESCENCE" and "PUBERTY" and "TEENAGE"?

- is POPULATION the same as POPULACE? How to use the word POPULACE?

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