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TOEFL essay: People benefit more from traveling in their own country than foreign country

Ninita 3 / 6 1  
Dec 21, 2013   #1
With traveling in my country I can see lots of city that I have never been there , cities which have a different climate and numerous traditional products. Still, although thisthese new things inside my country might be an advantage in some way, in my opinion, traveling to foreign countries would bring some more benefits, as it provides a situation to meet a diversity of people, visit a lot of new places, and get familiar with different cultures.

First of all, it is true that if you go to another city in your country, you will be able to meet a lot of new people. However, when you travel to other countries, for example, United State, you will be able to meet a huge numbers of people who are really different in various areas. They have different appearance, various languages, multiple of new foods, and so forth. In my view, this new environment is really excitement and I would prefer to try various aspects of life rather than staying in a rudimentary place.

Second, I firmly believe that people should try to visit many countries which have many places that provide lots of knowledge for us. Also, by visiting new places all around the world, in terms of museum, we could get a large range of new information about their historical stories. Moreover, we are able to take a looking at eye catching painting on some walls of ancient palaces. In other example, we can try a few novel big parks that exist in some countries, such as Dubai. Then, we can make a dramatically pleasant time.

Last but not least, I have been always been interested to comein coming up with variety of new cultures in the world. In my idea, knowing about cultures is really appealing. For example, in my country, when you see your friend in the street, you may have a hand shaking and embraced each other. In contrast, in some countries, in the same situation, they would certainly kiss each other and put their hands on their shoulders. On the other hand, there are lots of traditional celebrations in any country, also different cloths that they wear in those kinds of celebrations and it shows their custom. Actually, it is amazing to me to watching all of those customs.

All in all, as the aforementioned reasons and examples have illustrated, generally traveling has always brought positive things for us, but traveling to foreign countries have more fun and numerous novel aspect.
dumi 1 / 6,925 1592  
Dec 21, 2013   #2
@ Ninita - I provided you with a structure to construct your introduction. I wish you follow that. Do not begin the essay as if you are giving a direct answer to the question. Introduce your prompt to the reader in its original sense and then state your opinion.

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