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People benefit more from traveling in their own country or traveling to foreign countries?

Haruhi 1 / -  
Nov 4, 2013   #1
Recently,more and more people traveling abroad.even there may be some problems during travel outside,such as,a difficult communication with foreign people,a totally different dietary structure ,but i believe there are more benefits .

First of all, it is not easy to talk with a foreign people.There are so mang races in the earth,so we use different languages.It's not easy for some people talk to others in a unknown language for that it is easily to make the misunderstand and may cause some embarrass when we get the wrong massage.Another drawback is the dietary structure ,we all have our own favor taste.When we get somewhere far away from our own home rage the food are usually different.For example someone who likes to eat hot usually doesn't adapt the food with too much sugar or salt.

Even thought there maybe one or two disadvantages of traveling in foreign countries ,the advantages far more them.Traveling to a foreign country is a good way to expand your view and mind.You will see a totally new scenery full of exotic atmosphere such as the Taj Mahal and The great wall exc.For another said,you will also feel the foreign culture,learn more about other country people's way of life such as how did these people work,which religion do they believe and how they celebrate their traditional holidays like the Christmas and the Halloween,like,on the Christmas Eve, parents will put some gifts in children's socks and eating turkey and pies during the day.

Another advantage is traveling abroad can also make a personal promote.The more you traveling far away the more you can face yourself clearly.You can also improve your language during the traveling,it would help you catch a huge superiority in communication with different people and even more calm to treat the emergency situations.

Although there may few disadvantages of traveling outside door ,but the advantages are more obvious.
beula 3 / 10 1  
Nov 6, 2013   #2
I would like to give some advices
you can write language or communication problems, culture shock, food habits or diet pattern instead of dietary structure
in the first sentence, use even though there are some problems
avoid informal words like but, not easy, instead use however and difficult or hard
you have good ideas but the thing is using proper vocabulary and collocation.
beula 3 / 10 1  
Nov 6, 2013   #3
it is true that communicating to a foreign person is not as easy as one speaks in his or her own language. Because, it might allow room for more misunderstanding, which may embarrass the tourist consequently. another drawback is the different food habit in a foreign nation. for example, it might be difficult to have one's traditional food in certain countries.
dumi 1 / 6,925 1592  
Nov 8, 2013   #4
Recently,more and more people are traveling abroad

... I just fixed your grammar error. However, this is not an interesting hook. Your opening sentence, the hook should be strong enough to catch the reader's attention while it should be relevant to your topic.

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