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People with different interests and personalities cannot be friends.

bahareh 18 / 50  
May 6, 2011   #1
It seems much easier if people find their friends or partner with the same interests and characteristic in the way they have. They can feel better when others agree with them, and there is no need to argue to defend their opinion. However, I believe that if people choose their companion with different personality, they may be more successes. People can learn different experiences which help them throughout their life.

First, people find various experiences when they have friends with different idea. For instance, I always decide immediately when I think about something. On the other hand, my friend never decides without a deep thought. Thus, I realize that being more patient and taking time to get a good decision as my friend do; is really worth.

Second, everybody can be expert in another area if he or she finds another view. People usually do their work as they used to do and it is not easy to change it. They may see better result if they touch other ways. For example, my partner can read any articles so fast because he pays attention only on comprehension and try to use reading skills.Thus, I tried to change my study habits based on this new experience and now I'm a good reader.

Third, people can improve their personality while they come up with new idea. For instance, some people don't believe in healthy diet and if they have a chance to meet someone with contrast idea, so they might get influence to live better. Before meeting my friend, Angela, I was kind of junk food person, but she encourages me to be interested in nutrition meal.

As a result, people should show their enthusiasm to have friends who are different. This selection helps people gain more experience and improvement. Besides, people could be master in their work if they welcome unlikely view by their new friends.

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