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People encounter abroad three specific problems: finances, healthcare and education for their kids

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May 23, 2023   #1

The chart below shows information about the problems people have when they go to live in other countries.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The given bar graphs illustrate the percentage of people living abroad who encounter three specific problems such as finances, healthcare and education for their children in different ages.

As can be seen from the graphs, it is clearly evident that while people aged over 35 found sorting out medical care to be the most problematic issue, people who fall into the 18 to 34 group are affected by organizing finances the most.

As regards the first bar graph, the proportion of individuals living in other countries experienced financial affairs was almost identical to that for arranging healthcare, with the former accounting for 34% and the latter 32%. In addition, there were 7% of people in the age range of 18 to 34 living overseas found education for their child a trouble..

According to the second bar graph, immigrants who belong to the 35 to 64 group who found sorting out financial matters difficult accounted for 35%, which was twice as large as the allocation of people who are affected by looking for schools for their children. Furthermore, 37% is the percentage of immigrants who think medical care organizing is exhausting.

Regarding the last graph, the aged over 55 years old having trouble with finances occupied 29%, which was 8% lower than those who found it difficult to take care of health. Additionally, there were only 2% of individuals settling overseas who experienced issues about finding schools for their offsprings in the aged over 55.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,898 4797  
May 24, 2023   #2
You have over written this essay in a manner that will affect the remaining writing time for your task 2 essay. You have actually written almost 250 words here so I calculate that you have used at least 30 minutes to write this task when the allowed time is only 20 minutes. For tast 1 essays, you can receive a very good score if you focus on a well developed analysis within 200 words. It is your reasoning ang logic skills that are scored in this task, your ability to analyze an image and quick explain what it is about and what is notable about it. You do not need to write more than 200 words to accomplish the summary analysis.

Paragraphs fail to meet the academic writing standard of 3-5 sentences per paragraph. Points will be lost due to the non compliance with response format expectations. GRA points will also be lower since the idea presentation will be considered confusing and not properly developed due to the brevity of the paragraphs. This may not be a passing score analysis essay.
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May 29, 2023   #3
thanks for your feedback

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