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Are people today live a healthier life than ancient people did or not?

ljjay 1 / -  
Apr 17, 2014   #1
For the last three decades or so, more emphasis has been placed on if people living in the past led a heathier life than people do today. Some people take the view that people living in current time tend to be healthier than ancient people, thank to the enormous development in our society, especially in filed of medical treatment. In my perspective, however, this point of view cannot hold water. As far as i am concerned, I believe that people today are living a much unhealthier life comparing with ancient people.

Firstly, in the past, people just ate healthier and as eating is one of the most significant parts which contribute to people's physical conditions, eating more healthily practically means having a healthier body. Taking dietary habits as an example, people used to have a strict stipulation about the exact time for each meal of the day and about the amount of food taken in one meal. In ancient China, there was an adage,"Eat the best for breakfast. Eat the most for lunch. And eat the least for dinner.", from which we can see how the ancient people ate in a temperate way. However, today people no longer obey the old rules like the mentioned above, they don't care how much food they are eating and they just eat in an irregular way, that is, one may eat whatever he wants to eat whenever he feels hungry. These unhealthy dietary habits can directly pose a threat to our bodies. Overeating causes obesity and eating irregularly leads to quite a lot of chronic diseases such as diabetes, which was rarely seen among the ancient people.

Further more, people today have a indeed unhealthy lifestyle in compared with ancient people. In the old days, people worked out every single day while taking care of their crops in their fields, which helped them to keep fit. On contrary, people nowadays have been increasingly lazy and take much less exercises than they did before, which makes contribution to their bad health. Plus, the time when people got up and went to bed is almost stable in the past. Nevertheless, now people are more likely to both stay up late and get up till noon, which serves no useful purpose for their health. Instead, these bad habits bring damages to the bodies, by which a piles of diseases are caused, such as coronary heart disease and cardiovascular diseases.

Although many reasons can be used to support the argument that people live less healthily than before, there are several fact that may help people to stay health more easily today. For instance, we have a much better medical condition than before. Today, we have built many hospitals in our cities where we are able to get approach to doctors much more conveniently and easily. However, in the past, there might be only one little hospital in the whole city and thus people with diseases usually could not be well treated. Moreover, the medical technology is under rapid development today and more medicines are produced to cure specific diseases like cancer which could be impossibly cured in the old days.

Finally, with all the aspects carefully considered, it seems obvious to me that people in the past lived a healthier life than people do today, which is caused mainly by their bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

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Apr 17, 2014   #2
Is this essay for practicing for IELTS or TOEFL? Tell us why you wrote it so that we know what it wants from you. When we know that we can give you more meaningful feedbacks.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Apr 17, 2014   #3
a few comments:
1. Give one specific example per paragraph.
2. When you write

Further more,

On contrary



to mention supporting points , I am afraid that you are overusing the linking devices. I think the better way is to avoid using lots of the connective words. If you think that you need to earn coherence and cohesion, pay particular attention to demonstrate cohesion.


which serves

Faulty pronoun antecedent agreement

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