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People may do different things to stay healthy. What do you do for good health?

truongquanghuy 1 / -  
Jun 24, 2016   #1
Health is the most essential thing that we have in the world. You out of money, you still live. You lost a car, a house you still live but if you don't have a good health you can't do anything. Realizing that health plays an important role in body I have my own methods to keep myself healthy.

I have a balance diet for each week. Eating affects my health a lots. I usually eat green food during meal. Although fast food is my favorite but I have to avoid eating it because consuming junk food too much can lead to a lot of sickness. After meal, I have some fruit as dessert.

Doing exercise is also important for my health. I usually go to the gym or spend an hour walking around the park every morning. It gives me strength and prevents me from a lot of illnesses. Because the muscle will continue to develop in our body as it grows up, a regularly exercise program will make it becomes stronger. It is a very important thing to do.

You want to be healthy then you need a good knowledge. Stay away from dopes such as drug, weed,... Prevent smoking as soon as possible. Stay away from the alcohol if you can. Those things are very harmful to our health or worse they can end up your life.

Staying healthy is not an easy process. By eating right, doing exercise regularly and having a good knowledge, I can keep my body at an appropriate weight and maintain my health. That is all apart of my recipe for an healthful living.

My grammar can be wrong. Please help me fix it. Thanks guys :D

justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Jun 27, 2016   #2
Hi Huy, here's another take on your essay with the focus on the first and second paragraph of the article.

- You may be out out of money,
- you still live. You, lost a car,
- a house and you are still
- a live but if you
- role in our body I have

- Eating affects my health a lots .
- I usually eat green foodvegetables during meal. - but I have to avoid eating it because,

There you have it Huy, I believe this is just a few remarks that can help enhance your essay, however, this will help strengthen the substance of your essay. This also shows you that, with proper flow of ideas as well as minding the small details such as your punctuation marks and linking verbs will level up your essay and would make more sense. Don't get me wrong, I believe in your capacity in coming up with the right answer to the prompt, however, you need a lot of practice specially in forming a well constructed sentence.

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