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More and more people read e-books than paper books. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages !

anhanhhuynh 1 / -  
Jul 18, 2023   #1

e-books vs paper books popularity

The coincided developments of modern technology and human changeable demands created more and more hi-tech devices to adapt this pattern, making methods of doing some activities in all corners of our life be transformed. As a result, reading books is affected by this trend when the quantity of readers choosing digital books instead of traditional form increases day by day. Though plenty of inevitably adverse impacts are pointed out, e-books still are selected due to their outstanding benefits.

In terms of advocates, they claim that reading digital versions can give them opportunities to associate with a beneficial lifestyle when experiencing updated applications being simple, cheap and aiding natural habitats. It is straightforward to see that the electric version is more flexible than traditional copies owing to the fact of converting large real dimensions into data of smartphone applications, supporting utilizers to take a bookstore everywhere easily and be absorbed in book contents every time. Furthermore, users can purchase the titles with only one-click on this app even cheaper than the physical version, whereas qualification and origin of these are guaranteed by official publishers. The main cause of these benefits comes from rejecting papers out of the manufactured process, directing not only to save the money but also to reduce the adverse problems relating to manufacturing processes damaging the ecosystem.

On the other hand, opponents argue that human health and authors' rights are ruined by this trend. There is a diversity of evidence that proves that using the electronic devices for reading in the long term creates numerous detrimental effects on organs of utilizers, notably vision and complexion. These wounds are formed by the short wavelength emitted from the display screen, absorbed into biological tissues and increasing risks of becoming cancerous cells. Additionally, rapid widespread online publishing creates a conducive environment for plagiarism and selling without copyright, consequences of that seriously impact on legal benefits of publishers and writers.

In summary, adverse matters are only upgraded about the level of existing issues, while this tendency is approximately suitable for modern residents totally, especially in the young generation. Therefore, it may be concluded that advantages outweigh disadvantages of this trend.

Thank you for your help!!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
Jul 23, 2023   #2
The major problem that the examiner will see with this essay is the word count. You wrote almost 400 words for a 40 minute essay, which only allows for 300 words, at the most. In actuality, the writing is difficult to follow, understand, and tends to get boring. These observations stem from your incorrect perception that simply writing as many English words as you can, regardless of relevance and applicability to the discussion would gain you a passing score. The confusion that was created affected the overall scoring rubic negatively. You are not going to get a passing score for any section because the essay is simply treated as a vocabulary exercise, rather than a reasoning and logic presentation that would qualify you for academic learning at an English institution.

Home / Writing Feedback / More and more people read e-books than paper books. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages !
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