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In recent years, more and more people are choosing to read e-books rather than paper books

Duy Dang 6 / 15  
Aug 15, 2023   #1

popularity of e-books and declining numbers of printed books reading

Nowadays an increasing number of readers are having more affinity with e-books than the paper one. This essay will first discuss the drawback of this trend, particularly the bad effect to the eyes that might not overshadow its benefit which is mainly related to mobility and environmental protection that e-books can bring about.

On the one hand, spending a massive quantity of time on electronic screens has the ability to become a root cause of some serious eye problems. This is because the specific light from e-books may harm the readers' eyes when they overuse it, and it could result in the sleep quality as well. A good example is that more and more children have been suffering from various genres of eye issues and a decline in sleep time due to the lack of time-management skill while reading e-books.

However, the readers can bring e-books anywhere and also protect the environment. On account of the small size of e-books that people are able to take or store it conveniently, moreover, they can download numerous books or documents from many sources to read without cutting down the trees to make paper like normal books. For instance, some governments in Asia encourage their residents to use e-books due to the climate change resulting from deforestation to manufacture paper for big companies.

In conclusion, reading e-books has more benefits such as the high flexibility and being environmentally-friendly than its downside including eye-harming. Only by using e-books can one maintain a dynamic and sustainable development for the environment.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
Aug 21, 2023   #2
Good work on presenting the basis subjects for the discussion in your restatement and thesis section. However, you wrote the basis as a run-on sentence. It should have been separated into 2 topic sentences for clarity. Never write long sentences with merged ideas in a task 2 essay. You will end up getting huge deductions in the GRA score.

Overall, the writing uses simple English words, which limited your LR errors. You have clear thought presentations in every paragraph. The discussions are concise and the transition is acceptable. You have shown care in writing and developing your reasoning paragraphs. These will serve you well when the sectional and overall scoring is provided for your essay. It will get a passing score. Just improve upon your writing at this point. You are on the right track.
OP Duy Dang 6 / 15  
Aug 21, 2023   #3
Thanks for your comment! I'm trying to improve my LR.

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