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Some people think that employers should not strict on their employees dress code. Agree or disagree?

feliciatu 4 / 5  
Jun 27, 2018   #1

Rules at work - dress code

In the workplace, dress codes are less important than before and employers focus more on the performance of their work. While I agree that the way that people's outfit should not consider as measurement of result at workplace, I believe that dress codes still play an important role in some jobs.

Firstly, many employers have stopped claim their staffs to wear properly at work and I see this is a positive trend. Some of the most successful companies in the world such as Google and Facebook are famous for its relaxing work environments that respect every individuals' outfit and agree to wear casually at work. And even the people at a higher position in the company wear the casual T-shirt and jeans. However, this cultural broke the traditional and they are expected to perform at a high quality of work. It is obvious to see the strict code aren't necessary nowadays.

However, I also argue that the rules of dress code at work are still relevant in some industries. We expected certain professionals such as nurses, salesperson, and doctor to wear uniforms. These uniform have representative a image that creates a safe feeling for their clients. Furthermore, outfit is also presented as someone's authority or the class in the society such as lawyer, government principle, even CEO of the company may choose to wear formal clothing in order to show their authority at work. We all like to see these people wearing in a formal outfit even if we aren't in strict matters.

In conclusion, I support the point that employee have freedom to choose whatever they want at work, but I do not agree this idea apply to all sectors of the industries.
hyperephania 10 / 27  
Jun 27, 2018   #2
Good writing and grammar, though there are still some inapproriate verbs.
The first sentente should be ... the performance of their work their staff".

Hope this makes sense!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,511 3437  
Jun 27, 2018   #3
Felicia, your response is more appropriate for an extent essay that uses the basis of "I partially agree" as the thesis statement. In this essay, you are being asked to support a singular point of view. There is a choice that is being given in the prompt statement. Do you agree or disagree? In an opinion essay of this type you must choose only one opinion to support due to the limitations presented by the C&C considerations.

You can tell the single opinion essay apart from the two point of view essay because of the prompt discussion instructions. The minute you see the word "OR" between agree and disagree, that is a single opinion essay. When you read the instruction "Discuss both points of view", that is when you should write an essay in the presentation style that you used for this essay.

The reason you need to pick one opinion for this essay is simple, you cannot support sides of the discussion without having a more dominant support for one side. It is the more dominant discussion side that the examiner is interested in reading about. That is because you are being given a chance to focus only on one topic for presentation so that you can improve your overall score based on the 4 scoring considerations.

By the way, the opening paraphrase and concluding summary are still considered as part of the C&C scoring so you still need to present at least 3 sentences, but no more than 5 sentences in those paragraph presentations otherwise you lose points for not following the proper format for paragraphs in the essay test.

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