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Politicians or individuals? Essay about the environment protection responsibility

Minh Huynh 1 / -  
Mar 18, 2020   #1

Whose role in protecting the environment?

Topic: Environmental protection is the responsibility of politicians not individuals as individuals can do to little. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe it is the politicians that have responsibilities to protect the environment not individuals' little effort. Personally, I disagree with this statement, and will outline my reasons in the following essay

On the one hand, it cannot be rejected that the politicians need to be responsible for addressing environment-related problems. To begin with, they can suggest the government enacting new laws and regulations that make sure people have the proper actions towards the environment. For instance, stricter laws that impose heavier financial punishment or long-term imprisonment can be implemented, which making citizens become more conscious of their actions. Apart from that, politicians can propose putting higher environmental tax on petrol, which makes petrol price increase. This discourages people from using their private vehicles as they will be reluctant to pay a huge amount of money for their daily travel. As a result, the more people restrict their traveling demand by private cars or motorbikes, the more CO2 emission into the atmosphere will decline

However, I strongly believe that there are numerous things that ordinary people can do to protect the environment, which still have equal impacts as those of the politicians. First, people are the main participants of any environment protection campaigns launched by the government. If all people get together and give a hand, the effect will become much larger, and the problems related to environment can therefore be tackled quickly. Second, people can contribute to improving the environment through their daily activities such as disposing garbage properly, or collecting trash in their neighborhood. These actions, despite being minor, still help reduce the humans' impact on nature and make it become cleaner.

All things considered, I strongly believe that all of the individuals regardless of their social status have an equal role in protecting the environment.
leanhtu121 2 / 1  
Mar 18, 2020   #2
To make things clear in the third paragraph, I suggest you mention the fact that people should be encouraged to produce less waste and use public transport. This is because it can help to reduce domestic waste output as well as the number of private automobiles. This can be added to the idea: how effective it will be if all people join hands ( this word may be more expressive than get together)

Hope my suggestion can be helpful to you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Mar 18, 2020   #3
Your prompt paraphrase is not changed enough from the original prompt to qualify as a new rendition of the original discussion presentation. Additionally, you used a memorized sentence in the response to the direct question. You should not say that you will outline your reasons in the essay. That is the memorized part. Try to figure out an original way of saying that. Something like: There are several factors that have influenced my decision to disagree with this statement.

Never do a comparison discussion when you are asked to take a stance in the response. Always use 2 strong reasons to depict the reasons why the original discussion is in error. You could actually use the reasoning sentences from the original prompt, write it as the topic sentence for the paragraph, then explain why that line of reasoning is wrong.

Using the 2 given topics for discussion in the essay (government responsibility, individual responsibility), you should be able to write 2 reasoning paragraphs that support your stance. By the way, the original paraphrase needs at least 1 more sentence to qualify as a complete paragraph. Your concluding paragraph has the same problem. It is not qualified as a complete paragraph and does not represent the restated discussion requirements that create the concluding paragraph.

Overall, the presentation could have been better. Next time, pick one side to defend, think of the defensive reasons, and discuss those reasons in the body of paragraphs.

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