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I am preparing for TOEFL iBT - Students choice of places to live

aniketkumar 1 / -  
Oct 7, 2012   #1
Students at universities often have a choice of places to live. They may choose to live in university dormitories, or they may choose to live in apartments in the community. Compare the advantages of living in university housing with the advantages of living in an apartment in the community. Where would you prefer to live? Give reasons for your preference.

With the urbanization of society, students of 21st century are smart enough to take judgment for the place to live. As day by day cost of living is rising and has became one the major problem for a student who are staying away from their home and are focusing on his studies. So it an important task for a student at university to choose a place to live as per his need and requirement.

Some students prefer to live in university dormitories which are present in university campus or nearby campus. For some of the students it becomes their necessity as they have fixed pocket money or scholarships. There are few advantages for living in university dormitories. One of the advantage is dormitories are available at a cheaper rate. As the fee is low this helps in saving money for students who have come from a far place. Apart from living, money spent on books, food, clothes and medicines are surely going to increase the expenditure of student then in those cases low fee dormitories help in saving some money on overall expenditure.

Another advantage for living in university dormitories is there the student get the chance to interact with so many different other students who belong to different country and culture. This helps in developing student's interaction skill and also help in building bonding which will be helpful for the student at the time of urgency like examinations notes, some kind of moral support or even financial support. Another advantage is living in university campus saves times in moving from dorm to library or to labs or even to classes and this saves money which can be spend if the student was staying out.

Even living in apartments in a community as also beneficial in few aspects. One the advantage for living in apartments is there also students get the chance to live in different culture outside the campus and this helps in developing student's personality and ability to understanding and get mixed with the culture. Living out is always fun, many students prefer to eat different food and they can't cope up with a food available in campus cafeteria. So for them living out of dorm will be helpful. Another advantage is students even learn cooking and get an experience of living out and organizing all what is required for living. This experience helps them in future when they are living along while working.

So I will prefer to live in university dorms as being a student my only source of income is my scholarship and I have to manage it in such a manner that I am able to live wisely and save so that I can use it at the time of urgency. This will help in developing an attitude towards saving. Another reason of staying in university dormitories is there I will be able to access study hall, professors who are staying on campus.

Jue 6 / 9  
Oct 7, 2012   #2
you don't need to restate the question again,concluding paragraphs just to add words to your essay is definitely not a wise choice to impress your rater.That's really matter
navid_zarif 2 / 3  
Oct 11, 2012   #3
As day by day cost of living is rising and has became one of the major problems for a student who is staying away from theirhis home and is focusing on his studies.

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