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yirunli 7 / 17  
May 22, 2014   #1
Topic In many countries prices of airplane tickets have dropped. Is it positive or negative situation? Write about your personal experience or knowledge.

Nowadays travelling around the world is much easier than the old days. One of the main reasons is the prices of airplane tickets is going down. Thus, more and more people choose airplane as their transportation because they can afford the fare of tickets. As a student, I prefer cheap tickets to expensive ones.

There is no doubt that lower prices of tickets benefit people in many ways. To start with, people spend less money on purchasing the airplane tickets. Therefore, the number of customers of airlines is incresing rapidly because people are willing to take airplanes. In addition, it is helpful to the economic growth. As more tourists coming, the amount of job opportunities and national revenue has kept growing. Last but not least, it can promote the understanding between different culture as long as people have more chances to visit other countries.

Admittedly lower prices of airplane tickets have advantages, but drawbacks still exist. For instance, some people state that air travel leads to environmental problem. As is known to all, petrol as the fuel of airplanes causes the increase of air pollution. Furthermore, it is possible that some airlines will go bankrupt because they can not undertake offering tickets with lower price.

In conclusion, though the low airfare has its negative side, I still believe that the reduction of ticktets' price is beneficial to people's lives and our societies.
skyplex2014 1 / 2  
May 22, 2014   #2
i think using nowadays not a good word in ielts essay.
candy07 9 / 33 6  
May 22, 2014   #3
This is a good essay in terms of ideas and view points . I feel you need to structure the essay in a better way .
skyplex2014 1 / 2  
May 22, 2014   #4
can you introduce a good essay with these specifications?
OP yirunli 7 / 17  
May 22, 2014   #5
Thank u guys, i've got so many advice here.
OP yirunli 7 / 17  
May 22, 2014   #6
it's hard to follow this structure 100% somethimes :(

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