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TASK 2: Prioritising economic progress? The government should not overlook other types of growth

scitechalon 1 / -  
May 15, 2023   #1

Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal

There is no doubt that the development of the economy contributes to the promotion of the living standard of citizens, whereas, in my opinion, the boost of other social phenomena just as important as economic progress.

On the one hand, the rapid development of the economy laid a solid fundament to the whole social union and stability. Firstly, developed economy will create more employment to the public and reduce the unemployment rate in such degree, people is likely to focus on their work instead of breaking social rules. Secondly, a rich government has abilities to invest construction of frustration, enhance the transport system, absorb more better educational resources, and make the living condition better eventually.

On the other hand, governments should also pay attention the other aspects of society, such as education and social justice. Successful education not only supports the development of the economy by introducing new technology to the market and business companies, but also cultivates the new generation who are the future and value property of the nation. Otherwise, it is easy to cause unfair of society I such rapidly developed society, the government should shoulder the responsibility to balance and narrow the gap between the richer and the poor group, the unbalanced assignment of resources may cause damage to the social justice and also despair the right of part people who with low salaries, which would spur the social contradictions.

In conclusion, the economy still is a vital point to stimulate the development of society, people will get a higher sense of level of happiness, however, in order to get a long-term development, the government should not overlook other types of progress.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,886 4564  
May 17, 2023   #2
The summary overview is incomplete. You must restate both public opinions before presenting your opinion in support of one of the two public presentations. Missing out on a specific presentation focus, and then jumping to your own opinion will result in a non-passing score for your paragraph. It is not going to get a full score due to the lack of proper restatement and opinion development.

Being a comparative essay, you are expected to contrast your opinion with the public intentions. However, you made this a personal opinion essay. That means you only fulfill one of the 3 discussion parameters. So you should work on learning how to properly compare and contrast your discussions when using this type of prompt.

You should be discussing this as:
Public opinion > reason> Personal insight>reason

That will effectively meet all of the scoring requirements for this task.

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