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IELTS ESSAY, Private companies spending more than government in scientific research

devabe2005 46 / 97  
Jan 10, 2013   #1
Private companies that support and carry out scientific research are spending more than governments in these days. Do the advantage of this development outweigh Its disadvantage..? Explain and give your reasons.

Private companies provide significant contribution in scientific research. Government are insufficient to provide resource to all scientific research because it has to allocate budgets for the entire field. IN this essay, I will explore both advantages and disadvantages about private company contribution in scientific research.

Private companies contributes larger amount to discover medicines for new diseases. For example, medicines for AIDS, polio, chicken box vaccinations, etc., are very useful to mankind. Moreover, scientific research in test tube baby by private organization is a great revolution in medical field. It helps parents who are infertile enables to get baby from their genes.

On the other hand of the coin, separate companies can sell copyrights and procedures of the medical scientific research like cloning, genetics, etc., to terrorist groups which would be a great disaster. Furthermore, private companies may involve in anti-human scientific research for great profit. For example, anthrax, highly infectious disease which Americans are feared to attack by bio-terrorist in last decades. In addition, private companies research and develop in different new types of nuclear weapons, chemical bombs which can be sold to terrorist.

For instance, a report claimed that Pakistan terrorist used chemical bombs in karkil war on Indian military which is illegally mad by the private research company sold to the terrorist.

By analysing both advantages and disadvantage about wealth contribution by private research organization was, helpful for both human and anti-human researches. Government should take necessary action to prevent anti-human scientific research by the private companies. So that future scientific research would be substantial assistance to human race.
joythblessy 86 / 272 15  
Jan 10, 2013   #2
Hai Dev...
>1000...thanks for giving me the thread which i demanded..
overall good essay...i will try it till eve...):
Some flaws...

Help and enable together...?
It enables the infertile couples to fet theirown babies from their genes...
Anti human sentific...?
: anthrax, a highly infectious disease, which Americans are believed as a n atttack by bio- terrirists in the last decade.

:for instance...which is illegaly mad....===> something here wrong..(:

overall good attempt...
OP devabe2005 46 / 97  
Jan 10, 2013   #3
thanks tessy for your valuable feedback.

yes spelling mistake not mad that is made

correct one is
illegally made
Arun0506 27 / 120 34  
Jan 10, 2013   #4
Hi Dev,
Thanks for this essay. Really new topics with answers help me more informative

I hope it should be " which is was illegally made "

you can also use the word Bio-War somewhere here in this essay.

OP devabe2005 46 / 97  
Jan 10, 2013   #5
Thanks Arun for your valuable feedback.

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