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Process of producing tealeaves

Reza_Hidayat 13 / 18 1  
Apr 3, 2017   #1

how a tea is made?

The diagram illustrates about process of producing tealeaves into some types of tea. Overall, the end of the process will produce five tea types. It consists of several steps. Furthermore, it starts from growing leaf and culminating in tea production.

In the beginning, tealeaves are grown to get main ingredient of tea. After the tealeaves are ready to be plucked, it is wilted to reduce its water level containing inside the leaf.

In the subsequent stage, the tealeaves will pass through certain stages to produce different types of tea. For making green tea, the tealeaves will be steamed at first, and it will be rolled. But, for making oolong tea, it will be rolled and it will be fermented slightly. On the other hand, in order to make large and small leaf black tea, the tealeaves have to be processed in defferent ways although they are fully fermented. The difference takes place in the fourth stage, while the former tea is produced through tealeaves rolling, the latter should be made from tealeves crushing. However, the end the process , oven drying process should be done before the final product is ready to consume.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,832 2626  
Apr 3, 2017   #2
Andi, when you write the overview in relation to a list of types, such as in the case of the tea, you should inform the reader, as part of the overview, regarding the types of tea produced. That will be part of the overview information outline that will form part of the outline discussion for the body of the essay. Since there are other steps involved in the creation of the teas, it is important to enumerate the tea types at first in order to better hold on to the attention of the reader who may not be very interested in what you have to write about but will then be interested if there is a tea type that he wants to learn more about through your summary essay.

As you can probably tell from simply glancing at the essay, your second paragraph is lacking in terms of sentence requirements. That is because you did not divide the essay discussion properly. A portion of the third paragraph, which now turns out to be too long, should have been a part of the second paragraph instead. The division of the topic discussion should have come at the point that starts with "On the other hand" since that phrase indicates a transition to a different topic, hence a new paragraph. Remember, the rule is one topic per paragraph.

Based upon these reasons, your 193 word count, which is more than the minimum of 150, had to be scored down to a 5 at the most. I hope that you can show improvement with your next practice essay using the above recommendations. I look forward to reading your improved work in the future.

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