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'to promote medical standard and science through sports facilities' - IELTS TASK II

btxdzsz 3 / 5  
May 30, 2012   #1
Some people think the government should increase the sports facilities to solve the public health problems. However, others think that other measures should be taken to help resolve this problem. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, our society has changed a great deal in recent decades that many patients could be treated very well in hospital. Some people feel that the most useful method to address public health problem is the authority invest large sums of money in public sports equipments. However, more educated people think the better way to combat this problem is encouraging scientist make more contribution to it.

Needless to say, the people who often does sport exercise own a better physical condition than others. Therefore, public citizen will benefit from the government's investment to sports facilities, such as football playground, table tennis table, swimming pool, etc. This sort of method will largely boost citizen's sports passion and urge them more practice during their whole life. What is more, sufficient equipments will give people more opportunities to participate in outdoor exercise. Loads of diseases stem from lack exercise and no immunity, but the exercise is efficient way to build our innate immune system. In sum, the investment of sports facilities will promote the development of public health issue.

On the other hand, opponents of this viewpoint have their reasons. Public health condition should not merely dependent upon sports facilities, even this kind of solution would diminish possibility in this sense, while, and the root case of public health problem must attribute to human being's physical structure. Such is human nature to caught disease; no one could live without various diseases. For instance, cough, headache, stomachache and so on. The government should give more money to scientists to invent new medicine and high-tech method to address our body diseases. No doubt that this would be the most useful way and more economic and less time-consuming.

In conclusion, my own viewpoint is that the public spots facilities is play a indispensable part of our society. However, to promote medical standard and science new technology equipment is necessary.
vickywang 2 / 5  
May 30, 2012   #2
is play ----->is palying.?
sorry..my writting is so bad.
so...I can't correct it for you.
but.that's my little suggestion...
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