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What are pros and cons of international travel?

moonchan98 1 / -  
Apr 23, 2020   #1

More countries are now opening their doors to foreign visitors.
Disadvantages and avantages?

In modern life, the idea of taking an international tour is affordable to virtually everyone, which makes many countries open their border for foreign tourists. While there are some advantages of this trend, I believe that the drawbacks may outweigh these advantages.

On the one hand, there are some undeniable advantages of international tourism due to its economic feature. Obviously, tourists are stimulated to broaden their horizons/explore places in foreign countries with an affordable budget. They can book a package holiday in advance and arrange their own tour, only with a reasonable budget for facilities including hotel, vehicles and entrance tickets. As a result, people with limited incomes have an opportunity to explore destinations which in the past only rich people can visit. Moreover, it is now available for visitors to pay for whole family trips to foreign countries, which is once a privilege of wealthy households.

On the other hand, the negative impacts may result in serious issues for many countries. First, international tourisms unfortunately raise an awareness of crime over the country. (A survey last year in India showed that 25% of foreign visitors felt unsafe due to robbing and harassment)/ Tourist hotspots are plagued by problems such as theft, harassment or drug abuse. The government should apparently impose a stringent rule to tackle this issue. Second, the green movements would convincingly argue that the entrance of tourists to the country can have an enormous influence on environmental degradation. It is necessary to fight climate change, but the air travel pollutes the atmosphere, let alone the constructions of facilities such as hotels and roads inevitably lead to the habitat destruction.

In conclusion, despite of the huge advantage mentioned above, I believe that the drawbacks of this trend exceed the positive impacts.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Apr 23, 2020   #2
You could actually discuss this essay using 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages to help explain your point and in the process, create a stronger essay. It works this way. You already know that you believe there are more disadvantages to the rise of tourism as opposed to its advantages. So the discussion format should be:

- Advantage topic
- Explain why you see this as a disadvantage
- Use an example to help explain your point
- Give an additional explanation (if needed) or use this as a transition sentence into the next topic.

Do this one more time for a total of 2 fully explained A/D discussion points. What will this help you achieve?

- A clearer explanation of your position using 2 discussion points, which will help increase your C&C score
- An opportunity to use more relevant vocabulary for a greater LR score
- A chance to use more of a simple and complex sentence mix to help your GRA score

While the presentation you have now has good points, it does not really have any solid and believable explanations that would make the examiner view your essay as properly outlined (in the draft process) and developed (in the final writing process). By using the format above, you avoid having under developed explanations, which is what you have now. Just stick to one topic per paragraph. Don't over discuss things. That is how you ended up with a weakly written essay in the first place.

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