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Pros and cons of self-study

thanh lam 1 / -  
Mar 15, 2024   #1
Self-study is becoming popular among young people. Let's look at their pros and cons.
On the one hand, self-education can benefit students. First, self-study gives individuals the freedom to choose what, when and how to learn. That means they can explore topics they're interested in at their own pace. Second, self-study helps learners become more responsible and disciplined with their studies. They must manage their time effectively, set goals and make plans to achieve them.

However, it also has certain limitations for young people. One disadvantage of self-study is that it takes a lot of time to complete the proposed plans. Compared to group work, self-study takes a lot of time. Furthermore, it may not always provide opportunities to develop practical skills. For example, students may focus too much on their studies and may not apply their study skills to real life.

In short, self-study has both advantages and disadvantages. To achieve better results, individuals need to balance their learning strategies to avoid the negative effects it brings.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,787 4778  
Mar 20, 2024   #2
If this was written as a simple English writing exercise, then I would say "good job!" you got your thoughts across clearly and quickly. Your ability to explain yourself with less than 200 words is impressive. However, if this was written as a task 2 essay, then you did not do a very good job because not meeting the 250 word requirement will result in you getting a failing score automatically. That is because the reasoning paragraphs need extra explanations per opinion and could have been developed into a much longer and more coherent essay presentation. So in this case, it is the perception as to why the essay was written that will dictate if you did a good or not so good job with your writing exercise.

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