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Students study a wide range of subjects or a few subjects. Discuss both pros and cons

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May 8, 2012   #1
Title: Some people say students should focus on a few subjects while other argue that they should study a wide range of subjects.

Nowadays, along with the emphasis on overall development of individuals, students at school are forced to study a large range of subjects varying from history, painting, arts and mathematics and so on. However, when it comes to the question about whether students should learn so many areas of knowledge or focus on a few subjects which they may find their interests in, people hold divergent opinions. Personally, I am in favor of learning as much knowledge as one can.

The primary reason that makes me believe students should learn as much knowledge as they can is that all that knowledge taught in classroom will benefit them in the future. Without learning the basics of mathematics, individuals cannot calculate precisely; Without knowing arts, individuals may lose many chances to appreciate the beauty of nature; Without undertanding history, people cannot know how the human culture developed during past 5 thousands of years. Therefore, learning a variety of subjects can benefit people in many unexpected ways.

In the second place, having many ereas of knowledge in mind would help one get a decent job in the ever-increasing job market. Today, more and more multinational companies prefer to give interview oppotunities to someone knowing much more than others. the best example of this in place is that interviewees who are biligual or trilingual have a much higher opportunity to be recruited by the HRs. Therefore, it is always right to learn more and more in the today's society. Just as Steve Jobs left us the words: Keep foolish, Keep hungry. Keep going, Do not settle.

By way of conclusion, in today's society, even if individuals have tried their best to catch up the latest update happening in the world, they are still left far behind. Not to mention that situation of people who only choose a narrow range of subjects.

I am preparing Ielts writing test. Pls give your advices. Thanks in advance!
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