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Essay about public museums and art galleries will no longer be necessary because computer

edmi8band 1 / -  
Mar 3, 2023   #1

museums and art galleries obsolete?

In this world, some places have been built to preserve historical objects and display priceless exhibits created by human imagination, such as museums or exhibitions. Nevertheless, it is believed that those buildings are becoming obsolete due to the existence of the internet and technology since people can observe everything through a computer screen. Personally, I strongly disagree with this perspective for the reasons below.

Firstly, watching images or videos on a computer can only give people an overview of the artwork, and only by visiting the museum or gallery can they grasp the underlying meaning and the story behind each object. Commonly, the collections are set up in chronological or spatial order in museums and galleries, which purpose is to convey a particular message. There would have descriptions or notes to help people know what they are looking at. Also, there is a brief story to depict the progress and the origin of the displayed item therefore, people can draw lessons from it.

Secondly, physical contact, such as touching, smelling, and looking directly at the works of art, can benefit students studying art majors. For example, going to an art exhibition helps pupils have chances to scrutinize those masterpieces giving them more inspiration and ideas for their own assignments. On top of that, they can recognize the material and structure of the oeuvre, like how marvelous the paint was mixed or the picture main layout, which people would overlook when watching low-quality images or videos.

In conclusion, I believe museums and art galleries are essential and will exist throughout the ages without being outdated. Since those places hold history and tangible value, which proves the creativity and the development progress of humanity
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Mar 3, 2023   #2
There are 2 different agree or disagree types of discussion. One is the simple do you agree or disagree statement, which does not need an exaggerated response to the question. The other, is the extent essay, which requires a measured, emotional, and exaggerated response. The examiner will deduct points for responses that do not reflect the expected answer which, in this case, is the simple statement rather than the complex representation. Use the correct format depending upon the type of question provided.

Good job on the single opinion explanations in the discussion paragraphs. These were on point and believable. The problem, is that your sentence formation is sometimes incorrect and, you did not really use the required mix of sentence types in the paragraphs. Some language usage problems are also present which resulted in a little confusion in the discussion you presented. Still, you did an acceptable job that may bring you closer, but necessarily result, in a passing score.

I can see your potential to pass this test with a very good score. You just need to understand how to approach the discussion instructions for each prompt type. I know that I will see improvement in your future work because you have an idea of the differences within 2 of the essay prompt types.
kiseki 2 / 3  
Mar 5, 2023   #3
thanks, I am having the same topic as you but I don't know how to express my idea. Your essay is a good reference for me!

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