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IELTS QUESTION: People should only buy locally grown food. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sakuradesu 3 / 4  
May 3, 2024   #1
In recent years, there has been an increase in the proposition that people should just rely on locally sourced food due to its favourable impacts at both individual and societal levels. I, however, could not concur with this perspective due to the following analysis regarding the economic and food safety realms.

It is undeniable that the consumption of foods produced locally can foster the development of the regional economy. Empowered by a dedicated local consumer base, local entrepreneurs can flourish and expand their operations, generating a rise in employment opportunities within the community. This can have a ripple effect in which the spending power of the employed workforce is fueled, ultimately securing the well-being of the domestic economy. Despite this, sole reliance on locally grown foods can put consumers at a financial disadvantage. It can be attributed to the premium prices of these products stemming from small-scale production. This setback is further exacerbated as the weather changes over the course of a year, imposing additional financial strain on low-income households.

Enhanced nutritional value is the second benefit of local food choices. Non-local foods, during transportation over long distances, can be subjected to nutrient depletion because of light-induced chemical reactions. By prioritising locally produced foods, consumers can optimise the nutritional contents of their meals. However, it is also crucial to acknowledge that local foods have a higher potential for food contamination in comparison to their commercially produced equivalents. It is because while large-scale farms usually operate under rigorous quality control procedures, local farmers may lack the capacity to implement similar food safety protocols, increasing the risks of foodborne illnesses to consumers of local foods.

In conclusion, while admitting that local food could offer considerable positive impacts on nutrition and local economic wellness, I contend that the proposition for its sole consumption is flawed due to the aforementioned unfavourable impacts of locally produced foods.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 4, 2024   #2
the following analysis regarding the economic and food safety realms.

Do not leave the thesis statement this vague. Make specific mention of each reason. That way you establish the summarized discussion points along with your opinion paper. That will give you a very strong prompt restatement + Writer's opinion paragraph. You can maximize your score that way.

The discussion paragraphs are quite threshed out. You need to learn how to create shorter discussion points so that you do not accidentally run out of time during the actual test. The other problem with the essay is the summary conclusion. You do not meet the short restated reasons requirement. The summary conclusion is actually incomplete. It does not bring the discussion full circle.

Home / Writing Feedback / IELTS QUESTION: People should only buy locally grown food. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
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