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The rate of students dropping out of university is on the rise. What are its causes and effects?

DANG TRAN 1 / -  
Jul 17, 2021   #1

students give up their study

Nowadays, there is an evident phenomenon that the number of students who don't attend universities is mounting. Technically, the issue that students do make up their mind to leave universities results from some primary causes and it can trigger several unfavorable impacts on society and individuals.

There is some typical justification inducing the rising number of students dropping out of university. They realize that today, a huge proportion of students gain a university degree; however, these students are still more likely to be unemployed. Although students graduate from universities or colleges, the chance they gain a lucrative job is sometimes thin. Therefore, students usually consider thoroughly whether they should leave universities or not. Moreover, studying at universities is stressful and overwhelming. Students perceive that lots of people who don't study at universities are in positions to get a profitable job.

It is plain that this issue exerts adverse effects on society and individuals. If students have a tendency of dropping out of universities, the number of well-qualified workforce will plummet. These students do not have professional knowledge to apply for demanding jobs highly correlated with science, astronomy, which can be the root of a shortage of human resou s in these fields.

In conclusion, students giving up their study at universities stems from a variety of reasons and it can prompt our society to face some other problems.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,801 4780  
Jul 18, 2021   #2
The essay fails to meet the 250 minimum word count. This is a problem because of the immediate scoring percentage deductions applied. The essay will receive an automatic failing base score. This is a failure that can easily be avoided The writer just has to remember to write at least 65 words per paragraph to automatically avoid word count failure.

The prompt restatement is faulty. A person who does not attend university was never enrolled. This type of person cannot be considered a drop-out since he never went to college classes. A drop-out is someone who, at one point in his academic career , attended college then stopped.

These problems aside, the writer showed good comprehension skills as his cause and effect discussions were relevant to the discussion requirements. more developed explanations in these paragraphs, example based presentations, would have helped meet the word count.

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